Arhiva zilnică: 25/06/2014

Lupii isi folosesc ochii pentru a vorbi unii cu alti spune o echiipa de cercetatori japonezi!

Wolves Might Use Their Eyes to Talk to Each Other It’s no secret that wolves, foxes, and dogs are highly social animals. But beyond all the wagging, pawing and yipping we like to try to interpret, canids may have yet … Continuă lectura

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Uleiul de canabis vindeca tumoare canceroasa inoperabila la un copil de 8 luni!

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Stiinta universurilor paralele…

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Marile banci mondiale “in picaj” se pregatesc sa “confiste” banii depunatorilor!

Failing world banks prepare to steal your savings Just like in 2007, the predictable upcoming financial crash will arrive suddenly overnight and the new day’s world economy will be in chaos. At the starting gun of this “run on the … Continuă lectura

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Cum se incearca sa se criminalizeze protestele pasnice!

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Noul simbol al României: PREZERVATIVUL!

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