Arhiva zilnică: 16/12/2014

Artefacte ET din colectia de relicve antice egiptene ale lui Sir William Petrie !

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Despre ce vorbesc plantele…

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O observatie ciudata: din 1900 pana acum au crescut cu 450% cutremurele de gradul 6-6,9 dar au scazut ca numar cele de peste 6,9!

„Earthquakes in diverse places.” The truly amazing earthquake paradox of the last 114 years. Written and analyzed by Gary Walton We are constantly being told on the Internet and by the media that earthquakes are increasing and they are, well … Continuă lectura

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Dupa reuniunea “incalzirii globale” de la Lima, de-acum intr-un an libertatile vor disparea pe tot globul: va deveni “periculos” sa ai propriile opinii, sa nu te aliniezi politicilor de partid, sa iti porti singur de grija, etc!

1 year from now, freedom dies worldwide 2015 Crude Oil Forecast After the usual impeccably choreographed all-night “negotiation,” delegates of almost 200 nations at the latest annual U.N. climate yak-fest – this time in Lima, Peru – reached the usual … Continuă lectura

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Rubla ruseasca e in cadere libera in raport cu dollarul!

Russia heading for crash as ruble plummets Russia’s economy is crashing and its currency appears to be in free fall. The ruble plunged by about 12% Monday, meaning it’s lost nearly 50% against the dollar this year. Early Tuesday in … Continuă lectura

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FB si-a crescut cu 19% cenzura in ultimele 6 luni!

Facebook censorship has increased 19% in the past 6 months Now more than ever, governments around the world are eager to get their hands on data aboutFacebook users — and now more than ever, they want to remove content disappear … Continuă lectura

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