Arhiva zilnică: 05/02/2015

– Serviciile secrete germane, isi impart datele despre milioane de telefoane cu…NSA.

German Intelligence Shares Billions of Phone Metadata Pieces With NSA Mass surveillance has been fully embraced by America’s NSA as a tool in counterterrorism efforts. The trend has spread to sister agencies in the United Kingdom. But a new investigation … Continuă lectura

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Cinci banci din Rusia au trecut la un sistem de plati autohton “Sistemul de Plati National” inclusiv cu Mastercard rusesti,

Domestic MasterCard: 5 Russian banks begin new National Payment System Russia’s new National Payment System is up and running. The first five Russian banks processed their initial payments via MasterCard on January 30, according to Russia’s Central Bank. “On 30 … Continuă lectura

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Democratia vestica, in decadere!

Western Democracy in Disgrace By JIM W. DEAN “Deep within every one of us lies a natural understanding of good and evil. That is why one man can tell the truth convincingly – but it takes the entire apparatus of … Continuă lectura

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Oficial FBI: “trebuie sa pastram starea de frica vie, ca sa justificam fondurile contra terorismului”!

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– Rusia pregateste exercitii militare comune cu Brazilia, Vietnam, N Koreea si Cuba.

Russia Plans Joint Military Drills With Brazil, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba Russia could soon be carrying out military drills alongside North Korea and Cuba according to Valery Gerasimov, the chief of staff of the Russian armed forces. Speaking at a meeting on … Continuă lectura

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Epidemie de cancer in Prefectura Fukushima: 6.000% crestere a numarului de cazuri, un adevatrat holocaust!

VIDEO: Cancer epidemic underway in Fukushima — Rates up 6,000% says head of cancer research center — “This is definitely a holocaust… everything’s being swept under the rug” — “Very, very frightening… my family members are brainwashed”

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