Arhiva zilnică: 18/03/2015

Energia vindecatoare Chi…

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Lumini ciudate in Rusia…

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Descoperirea de ADN “strain” in genomul uman, nu se inscrie in teoria darwinista!

Discovery of ‘Alien’ DNA in Human Genome Challenges Darwin’s Theory How will the scientific community deal with these new anomalies? Scientists are now finding clues as to the beginning is the creation of Earth. Research from the University of Cambridge have … Continuă lectura

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Pamantului i-au fost depasite patru din cele noua criterii limita pentru a fi o planeta ospitaliera vietii!

Earth has exceeded four of the nine limits for hospitable life, scientist claims Humanity has raced past four of the boundaries keeping it hospitable to life, and we’re inching close to the remaining five, an Earth resilience strategist has found. … Continuă lectura

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Imprimanta 3D revolutionara foloseste lumina si oxigen sa sintetizeze materialul dintr-un rezervor cu lichid.

Revolutionary 3-D printing technology uses light and oxygen to synthesize materials from a pool of liquid University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Summary: A 3-D printing technology enables objects to rise from a liquid media continuously rather than being … Continuă lectura

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Dupa ce acum o saptamana un tribunal din Belgia a decis ca ilegala strangerea de date indiscriminatorii asupra populatiei, si Curtea Constitutionala din Bulgaria a declarat neconstitutional sa se culeaga astfel de date! (SRI- nu te da batut, poate in Romania “merge” pana la urma!)

Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court Rules Bulk Data Retention Unconstitutional; EU Says No New Snooping Directive Coming from the surprising-but-welcome-victory dept Just last week we reported that a Dutch court had set aside the country’s national data retention law; now Bulgarian judges … Continuă lectura

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