O doamna in varsta din Wisconsin a descoperit la o radiografie, ca avea „ditamai implantul cu emitator” nu se stie plasat de cine, in apropierea coloanei sale vertebrale! Se dusese la medic pentru ca incepuse sa aibe dureri si tremuraturi. Dupa radiografie au incetat!

April 8, 2015 – De Pere, Wisconsin

Listen to Recording of Interview With Witness (YouTube):

Description:This was found in my back on April 8. I have severe degenerative disc disease. I also have essential tremors, or Parkinson’s.Strange things have happened in my living room at night, like objects floating across the room. One time it looked like clouds. Another time I saw something that looked like a small bird nest, and then another a large nest. My dog freaked out a couple of times, but I didn’t see anything. I burned sage and she calmed down.I feel good now without the tremors, and a lot less pain in my back. MY DOCTORS ARE VERY CONFUSED. I don’t plan on having anything done, but would like to know more about it.

Note: The witness has been contacted for more information. The “cursor” that shows up in the lower center of the X-Ray is due to the fact that a camera was used to take a photo of the X-Ray displayed on a computer. The doctor provided the woman a CD with her X-Rays. I am trying to ascertain if the woman had previous X-rays of the area and if the object was present. I am assuming that the object first showed up on the April 8 X-ray? The woman says that her doctors have no explanation for the object. The woman has no scars in the area where the object shows up on the X-ray. Although she doesn’t recall specific “abduction” or alien encounters, she has had strange experiences lately which include her pet dog. The woman is handicapped and has other physical problems. The object clearly looks artificial and does not appear to be any kind of growth. I have sent the X-ray to a radiologist get his opinion. Updates will be posted. Of course I have no way of proving that the X-ray is real and is from the person who sent it me.



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