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UFO Western Massachustts, 2015 !

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In Australia animalele au fost legal recunoscute ca „fiinte simtitoare”.

Animals are now legally recognised as ‘sentient’ beings in Australia The Australian Government has formally recognised animals as ‘sentient’ beings by amending animal welfare legislation. The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill  was passed on Tuesday. The Act stipulates that it is … Continuă lectura

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Oamenii au inceput sa aibe o putere de concentrare si continuitate in gandire mai slaba decat a pestilor aurii de acvariu! De vina ar fii smartphonurile!

Humans have shorter attention span than goldfish, thanks to smartphones A Microsoft study highlights the deteriorating attention span of humans, saying it has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds The average human’s attention span is… oh look, … Continuă lectura

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Arheologii au descoperit in Alaska oase umane si podoabe vechi de 12.300 de ani.

Alaska researchers turn up 12,300-year-old artwork–year-old-artwork/article_3b944bf4-f69a-11e4-a5be-6f5b528e8843.html?mode=image&photo=1

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Un document secret al guvernului federal american scapat public arata ca se doreste taxarea tuturor sumelor de cash !

The Secret Fed Paper That Advocated a „Carry Tax” on All Physical Cash Many commentators have noted that mainstream economists are calling to do away with cash entirely. It would be easy to scoff at these proposals as completely insane … Continuă lectura

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Australia vrea sa introduca „taxarea economiilor”, adica a banilor pusi deoparte de populatie!

Australia First to Introduce a Compulsory Tax on Money Itself The reason I moved the Solution Conference forward was due to the fact that all my sources behind the curtain were screaming from the four corners of the world that the new … Continuă lectura

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