Arhiva zilnică: 19/05/2015

Erick Greene, pofesor de biologie la University of Montana a observat ca sunetele de alarma ale pasarilor sunt ascultate si intelese si de alte specii, inclusiv mamifere, pesti iar speciile se vegheaza uneori intre ele!

When Birds Squawk, Other Species Seem to Listen MISSOULA, Mont. — In the backyard of a woodsy home outside this college town, small birds — black-capped chickadees, mountain chickadees, red-breasted nuthatches — flitted to and from the yard’s feeder. They … Continuă lectura

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Structura antica din Japonia seamana cu o structura de pe…Marte!

Ancient Structure in Japan similar to structure on Mars Kofun are megalithic tombs or tumuli in Japan, constructed between the early 3rd century and the early 7th century AD. They gave their name to the Kofun period (middle 3rd century … Continuă lectura

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Miliardarul CEO al companiei petrolifere Continental Resources, a cerut sa fie concediat profesorul universitar care a legat cutremurele din Oklahoma de exploatarile prin fractare! (Astia s-au luat dupa noi, unde guvernul Ponta a concediat profesorul universitar care a indraznit sa spuna ca seismele de le Izvoarele erau provocate de „fractarile” ce se faceau „neoficial” acolo!)

Billionaire Oil CEO Demands Scientists Terminated After Oklahoma Quake Study The billionaire CEO of Continental Resources told a dean at the University of Oklahoma that he wanted earthquake researchers fired. In one of the most transparently oligarchic tactics we have … Continuă lectura

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Saptamana aceasta avionul secret american X-37B va pleca intr-o alta misiune necunoscuta.

Air Force’s Robotic X-37B Space Plane Launches Mystery Mission This Week The United States Air Force’s mysterious X-37B space plane will head to orbit this week for the fourth time. The unmanned X-37B spacecraft is scheduled to launch Wednesday (May … Continuă lectura

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Ce mai imprastie avioanele ce lasa chemtrails inafara de substante pentru modificarea climei terestre: agenti patogeni si substante de razboi chimic asupra „populatiilor ostile”!

Geoengineer Ken Caldeira Tells Citizen Journalist to ”Shut the f_<% up!” Intrepid citizen journalist Patrick Roddie recently attended a function at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. The program was entitled „Hacking the Climate” and it involved a panel discussion … Continuă lectura

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Cesium radioactiv de la Fukushima gasit in mostrele de apa analizate prin toata Japonia!

Fukushima Radiation Found In Tap Water Around Japan Testing conducted in February and March of 2015 found cesium in many tap water samples collected around Japan. While the numbers were fairly low it is still a persistent problem since tap … Continuă lectura

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