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12.08.2015: Din nou, Nibiru?

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Tehnologii „egiptene” sau extraterestre folosite in prelucrarea pietrei din marile monumente egiptene?


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In Canada s-a brevetat „ascensorul spatial” – un turn de 20Km care daca se va construi si va fi folosit pentru a lansa astronauti de acolo, s-ar economisi 30% din combustibil !

The amazing ‘space tower’ will be TWICE the height of Mount Everest A NEW tower that will be TWICE the height of Mount Everest has been given the go ahead. The 12.4 mile high ‘space tower’ will be used as … Continuă lectura

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Cum e bine sa va protejati averea impotriva posibilelor confiscari: investitii cat mai diversificate, in diferite tari, mai ales in metale pretioase si proprietati!

From Crisis To Confiscation – Where Do I Store My Wealth? International diversification of wealth (no matter how large or small) can save your economic freedom. Although most of our readers thoroughly understand this concept, one of the most oft-heard … Continuă lectura

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Rusia a depasit Germania ca a patra economie a lumii.

World Bank: Russia Overtakes Germany as 4th Economy New data released by World Bank says that adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity Russia overtook Germany as world’s 4th economy in 2013 China Overtakes US, Russia Overtakes Germany. At least according to the latest revision of … Continuă lectura

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Cine conduce cu-adevarat „statele” Unite ale Americii!

These Are The „People” That Really Run Your State Back in June we showed you „who” really runs your state. By „who” we actually meant „what company”, but since corporations are now people, we suppose it’s all the same. The … Continuă lectura

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