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UFO traversand Luna…

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Civilizatie misterioasa de acum 10.500iH si marea piramida din Gizeh…

Ancient Mysteries: The Lost Civilization of 10,500 B.C. & The Great Pyramid of Giza This is quite astounding. There is a myriad of evidence pointing to the existence of what is now an entirely lost civilization existing around 10,500 B.C. … Continuă lectura

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DARPA creaza bio-fabrici pentru a crea noi vaccine! (Credeam ca ei se ocupa numai cu armele bacteriologice de distrugere in masa!…)

DARPA Developing Human Bio-Factories to Brew Vaccines The next factory for lifesaving drugs could be the human body itself. Scientists are developing a new vaccine-making method that co-opts the human body’s ability to quickly create antibodies, its mainweaponry for fighting … Continuă lectura

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Un laureat al Premiului Nobel face praf, excrocheria cu „incalzirea globala”

Nobel Laureate Smashes Global Warming Hoax – Video How do you get an average global temperature when there are only eight thermometers in Antarctica? This is an extremely important video. When the American Physical Society, of which he was a … Continuă lectura

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DHS si FEMA au creat un sistem national de urmarire a pacientilor!

Adica exact ce s-a anuntat ca se vrea „obligatoriu” instaurat si in Romania incepand de anul viitor! Despre asta e vorba si cu cardul de sanatate! DHS/FEMA have created a national patient tracking system DHS’s „If You See Something Say … Continuă lectura

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Se analizeaza cosecintele economice ale invaziei refugiatior in diferite tari…

Economic Consequences from Refugee Invasion The dual peril of unfettered migration into Europe and the United States has a different complexion of invaders, but both suffer an appalling economic aftermath. However, the flood gates from the Middle East and Africa … Continuă lectura

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