Analistul financiar Bo Polny de la Gold 2020 Forecast previzioneaza ca piata bursiera va incepe sa se prabuseasca inca din aceasta saptamana, cu o prabusire completa in Noiembrie!

A Complete Meltdown In November: Cyclical Analyst Says Stocks May Start To Crash This Week

Cyclical analyst Bo Polny of Gold 2020 Forecast utilizes advanced mathematical formulas and years of cyclical analysis to make forecasts about global stock markets. In late July he noted that U.S. stock markets had hit a top and that investors should prepare for a rapid down-move in the Dow Jones and other indexes. As we now know, that prediction has come to pass.

But while many on Wall Street panicked, Polny noted that the crash was not yet imminent and that the month of September would be relatively calm, with no major moves up or down forecast to occur. Once again, his analysis proved accurate.

But that calm may soon be over. In a recent interview he warns that we could now be on the brink of a major market meltdown and it could start this week. The eventual result, according to Polny, could lead to a crash so massive that over 70% of market value could be wiped out.

Full must-watch interview with Bo Polny:

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