Actorul american Robert DeNiro vrea pasaport si cetatenie a Rusiei!

Robert De Niro Hints He May Be the Next American Seeking Russian Passport

Famed Hollywood star Robert De Niro revealed he may consider applying for Russian citizenship at the opening of a restaurant he co-owns at a Moscow mall, the shopping center’s press service announced Monday.

Co-owner of the famous Nobu chain of restaurants, De Niro opened the first Moscow location back in 2009. This year he teamed up with Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa once again to launch another restaurant of the same brand in the Russian capital.

The actor told reporters he was fond of Russian cuisine, and also called for cooperation between Moscow and Washington to „put an end to all disagreements.”

When asked whether he would follow the example of boxer Roy Jones and apply for Russian citizenship, the star noted that he would probably consider it, as you never know what the future brings, but it was too early to make such predictions.

Matsuhisa and de Niro started their chain of original cuisine in 1994 in New York. The Nobu Empire comprises 33 restaurants in 28 cities around the world, including London, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Tokyo, Beijing and Miami.

The new Nobu spot at Moscow’s Crocus City Mall consists of a main hall for 70 guests on the first floor, a hall for 120 guests with a panoramic view on the second floor, a bar, a lounge and a sushi bar. The restaurant’s international staff includes French chef Damien Duviau, Japanese sushi chef Sohta Fujimori and pastry chef Stewart Bell, who have already worked in other restaurants within the Nobu empire.

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