Uleiul de canabis in tratamentul cancerului sau al altor boli grave, ce ati prefera: „sa fiti un infractor viu, sau un mort legal?”

Cannabis Oil – I’d Rather Be Illegally Alive Than Legally Dead

A young teenager who had to be rescued out of a lake in which he had nearly drowned was infected with bacteria, supposedly, that “triggered” his Crohn’s disease, an extremely debilitating inflammation of the bowels and intestines that can be terminal.

The bacterial infection in the water was the medical explanation given for Coltyn Turner’s sudden downturn in his health. His treatment involved antibiotics initially, but soon turned to useless drugs with powerful side effects to resolve his sudden outbreak of Crohn’s Disease.

Lindita Rrahmani commented on the MAM (Millions Against Monsanto) facebook page , “He got a bacterial infection, and… it triggered Crohn’s disease”. No, the antibiotics Big Pharma paid his doctor to give him caused the Crohn’s.

Personally, I suspect that Coltyn was infected with Giardia, the only parasite requiring strong antibiotics. Most other problematic parasites carried in water can be eliminated with a round or two of parasite cleansing treatments that are sold over-the-counter in Mexico or online domestically.

Soon Coltyn became emaciated, racked with pain, and wheelchair bound. All that turned around after his family left Illinois and sought cannabis oil as a last resort. On the way to being allowed medical supervision using cannabis in Colorado, Coltyn made a comment that went viral,

“I’d rather be alive illegally than dead legally.”

It’s almost a battle cry for medical marijuana.

At the one-minute 50 second mark of this video, Coltyn tells his story.




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