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Baza subterana pe Marte?

Mars Underground Bases? ALIEN investigators claim these images show doorways into secret underground bases on Mars. But the conspiracy theory doesn’t stop there as they also allege NASA and other space agencies have tried (unsuccessfully) to edit them out of … Continuă lectura

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Despre natura lucrurilor…

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Se apropie furtuna…

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Ce trebuie sa stiti despre utilizarea microundelor asupra oamenilor…

What You Should Know About Microwaves – Dr. Barrie Trower World-renowned microwave expert Dr. Barrie Trower discusses microwaves in this 36 minute, 2012 YouTube interview. (Video Link) Here are some approximate timelines to note while viewing this extraordinarily candid discussion … Continuă lectura

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In Paris. „activistii” cer retragerea delegatiilor de participare pentru „delegatii la Congerinta de la Paris care neaga incalzirea globala”!

Activists demand UN ‘revoke’ credentials of ‘climate deniers’ in Paris – Claim ‘Climate Hustle’ film is ‘full of lies’ – without seeing it – Warn skeptics may ‘derail’ UN treaty Update: Will he do perp walk?! Morano ‘WANTED’ posters for being … Continuă lectura

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