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Experienta Ayahusca, marele secret !

Ayahuasca: the greatest secret in the universe (DMT) By Filip Karinja “There is a secret, and this is it.” ~ Terence McKenna People around the world have begun to ‘wake up’ and take the journey down the rabbit hole to see … Continuă lectura

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Inainte de Nazca, figuri geometrice pe sol de acum 12.500 de ani, descoperite in Azraq Oasis Iordania…

PREHISTORIC: Huge Geometric Shapes Discovered in Middle East Pre-Date Nazca Lines Huge geometric patterns first discovered in Jordan’s Azraq Oasis by pilots in World War I have just been dated, and the findings are leaving the realms of mainstream history. Two of … Continuă lectura

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„Triumful zeilor luminii”! E de citit…

Wilde – Triumph of the Gods of Light The real control of the world is secret. I call it the Fifth Reich. The First Reich was the Roman Empire. People admire their art and culture, but the Romans were truly, … Continuă lectura

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Un cercetator de la Tomsk State University in Russia a descoperit ca si cainii au constiinta propriei identitati!

Dogs have self-consciousness too! That man’s best friend has self-consciousness is what every owner is willing to bet on. I have always thought my dogs know exactly who they are. Dogs are self-conscious. But the problem in science is that … Continuă lectura

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Noua paradigma a „corectitudinii politice”: inchideti-va gura unii la altii, ca sa nu vi-o inchidem noi!”

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Parintele „atentionarii asupra schimbarii climatice” James Hansen numeste acordul de la Paris „o frauda”!

COP21: James Hansen, the father of climate change awareness, claims Paris agreement is a ‘fraud’ The professor and environmental activist said denounced the draft deal agreed on Saturday saying ‘there is no action, just promises’ Climate change activist James Hansen … Continuă lectura

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