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Dupa „semnarea acordului istoric” de la Paris pentru stoparea „incalzirii globale” si cele 100 miliarde dollari/an pe care natiunile dezvoltate le vor plati celor „emergente”,..

se dovedeste ca practic China isi va dubla centralele pe carbune si alte state vor proceda similar fara a se sacrifica industrializarea pentru scaderea emisiilor de carbon! At the Paris climate summit, panic over global warming finally collided with reality … Continuă lectura

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Unitatile de radiolocatie rusesti vor fi dotate cu radare capabile sa sa vada tinte la 1500Km distanta si 600Km inaltime in spatiul comic.

All-Seeing Eye: Russia to Deploy 1,500 km-Range Radar Russia’s Radio-Technical Troops will soon deploy radar units capable of detecting targets 1,500 kilometers away, the RTF’s deputy commander said in a radio interview on Saturday. “We already have radar units which … Continuă lectura

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Piata vanzarilor de armament rusesc a crescut cu 50% in 2014.

Best Sellers: Russian-Made Weapons Hit Record 50% Sales Growth In 2014, Russian defense companies increased their sales by nearly 50 percent, accounting for 10.2 percent of the entire global market. The Russian defense industry grew significantly in 2014, analysts at the Stockholm … Continuă lectura

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Libia de dupa Gaddafi: femei sclave, copii rapiti, trafic ilegal cu petrol!

Libya Post Gaddafi: Enslaved Women, Abducted Children and Illegal Oil Trade Of all the Arab states engulfed by the so-called Arab Spring, Libya has become the first to fall into complete chaos. The murder of the head of state Muammar al-Gaddafi, carried … Continuă lectura

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Razboiul seret al NATO contra Rusiei, de care nimeni nu vorbeste mimic…

SYRIA: ‘NATO’s Secret War’ with Russia – What You’re Not Told by the BBC or MPs How poor is the mainstream media and political discourse from reality. After listening to British MPs last week, each making up their own fictional … Continuă lectura

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Tom si Jerry desene animate in romana

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