„Triumful zeilor luminii”! E de citit…

Wilde – Triumph of the Gods of Light

The real control of the world is secret. I call it the Fifth Reich.
The First Reich was the Roman Empire. People admire their art and culture, but the Romans were truly, deeply nasty supremacists, racists, and evil beyond extreme. They had few redeeming features. They eventually became more and more indulgent and fat. The corrupt rulers fed mercilessly off the Roman merchants, and in the end they didn’t have enough money to pay their armies to defend the empire. Their terror lasted over three hundred years.

The Second Reich was that of Charlemagne. They called him the Holy Roman Emperor. There was nothing holy about Charlemagne. He was an evil man, and the terror he wrought was staggering in its cruelty. He executed four thousand people on one day.

The Third Reich was that of Hitler. He thought to rule for a thousand years. He was the most perceptive and powerful ever – a real initiate of the dark side. He might have pulled it off. Drug addiction (morphine) clouded his knowing and he started to make mistakes.

The Fourth Reich is the empire of the Americans that has dominated the world, politically and economically, since the fall of Hitler.

The Fifth Reich is the hidden Reich. It’s the real controller of this world. There is an external human manifestation of its power and an inner one, a transdimensional one. The external is just a few thousand families that run the world in secret. It’s the industrial war machine, the big landowners, Mafia families, criminals in Eastern Europe, the Asian Houses, and of course the Empire of the Jews, which will now come under more and more attack as the years go past.

People will become suspicious of the hidden control they exercise. David Icke refers to the controlling families of the world as the Illuminati. Call them what you will, they own the U.S. dollar, they control all markets in wealth, they own the media, they say what laws will be passed, who is in power, who is not. Democracy is their plaything, it doesn’t really exist for ordinary people.

Anyone moving against these forces will be marginalized, vilified, or just gotten rid of. There is no escape for humanity from these predators. We are in their prison. But beyond the controllers and the predators are transdimensional beings (TDs); they are here in this evolution with us, and they hold up the fascist systems that masquerade as democracy. They can talk directly to the human mind and make it think its thoughts are all its own.

They have an agenda. They want people subservient to their controllers – powerless, broke, scared, and stupefied. They seek to drag humanity into fear, despair, evil, and breakdown. The TDs also seek immortality so they rob us of our etheric power silently without us knowing, and of course they want absolute power over the human mind for the transdimensionals are as I said, supremacists.

They achieve it by talking inside your mind and by having their worldly representatives sell us fear, uncertainty, and confusion. They talk to the men and women who hold power in the Reich and keep the system inviolate and unchallenged.

Anyone attacking the system or even disagreeing with it, will find the ghouls come around to torment that person and try to scare them and make them sick. And they can of course, empower antagonistic forces against you – other humans sent to give you a hard time, or to make sure you make little or no headway. Only the authorized get ahead. You might have noticed that.

So the world drifts ever more to Big Brother and surveillance, and more and more stringent control. Eventually no one will be allowed to move. It’s lockdown they want. Mobility authorized for some but disallowed for others. They also want total control of the human mind – no dissidents, no alternatives, no Green vote, no uprising of discontent.

The media is tightly controlled by the TDs via its selected humans and anyone rising up through the system with a voice will soon meet opposition if they don’t spout the approved opinions and stay in line.

The ghouls control everything. Nothing looked like it would ever break the controlling mechanism—the alliance of the transdimensionals and the controlling families, who won over ordinary people by drip-feeding them the party line via television. So hundreds of millions of people agree with control and they like it; they think the killing fields of Iraq are cool and powerful and a good thing. They like the power of the Reich. It makes them feel superior and important, and safe. They fight and die to defend it.

Beyond our world and the power of the ghouls, there is another world of massively powerful celestial beings. They are so powerful that if they appeared here in person, our flesh would fry. To look at them you would go blind, their radiance would burn your retina. They can’t come here into 3-D, so they have to allow us to plod along to our destruction as drones of the Empire. Humans become anal and more and more materialistic and vile, and the earth becomes evermore polluted.

People’s feelings become more despairing; the system less fair, vast populations have no hope. They go without simple basic needs and millions more stitch garments for Wal-Mart for three cents an hour. That’s our world – the world of the slave, the factory farm, human gulags, misinformation, corruption, greed, with ordinary humans the product of the mind control system. Every angle, every doorway is guarded, every thought authorized and sanitized and scrutinized for public consumption.

And all of this is controlled and empowered from an unseen world. Do you think these people and their mediocrity and their violence and their egoism and racism, would get anywhere if they were not protected and empowered from an inner place?

On the ground it’s the military-industrial machine and its corruption of power, and of course hidden beyond everything is the Empire of the Jews, nothing much moves in this world without their permission especially not in America, but then behind all that is the empire of the ghouls holding everything up.

You might have heard me say we live in a bubble. The bubble may be massive, the size of the entire universe. The bubble is created in the symmetry of how atomic particles spin. Can’t get into that here. But spin defines our world both inner and outer. There is a mirror world to ours where you exist as an exact replica of your human self and even that mirror world has a curved edge; it’s in the bubble as well.

The TDs are inside the bubble with us. A UFO can make a 90-degree turn and disappear from view but it hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still stuck in here like all of us. We can’t get out nor can they. Just as we die, they lose energy and peter out. Just as we are confused, they are confused. They don’t really know much more than we do but they do have more mobility.

They can wiz around. But mostly they have the power of secrecy the ability to talk to anyone’s mind and have that person believe it’s their own mental words. Imagine the control trip of instructing people what direction to take and countering when they choose another way. That is power beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Then came Flower Power and the New Age and a more open consciousness and suddenly humans were being trained to be loving and tribal and real, not phony products of an elitist mind and its control mechanism. They were training to exist in another evolution not under the Empire’s gaze.

They could do so because importance and materialism and greed are not their issues, so they could give the Empire the two-finger salute. They couldn’t be bought. Eventually they were ready and some began to see inside the mirror world, albeit awkwardly and painfully but they could see. In there they found instructions, very strange instructions that were poorly understood, but instructions nonetheless.

At that point, the TDs went ballistic sensing an impending doom. Wars broke out between the UFOs and the humans. Normally the humans would have lost hands down but this time things had changed. From within the mirror world, they had been armed with a technology for which the UFOs had no defense.

It’s an etheric missile that looks like a red triangle, it flies across the sky with a slow tumbling motion, it’s guided. When it hits a UFO, the UFO shudders and becomes unstable and it falls from its elevation toward a lower level of energy. It falls from the sky.

Then the humans were entranced and cryogenically frozen and put in a very tight tube to hide them from the TDs, and gradually they were given other instructions. The goal being to get the humans out of the bubble without the TDs knowing how it was done. If the TDs knew, they would try and follow, and one thing the Gods of Light can’t risk is the TDs crossing over to the higher worlds and polluting those.

The instructions given involved some of the dematerializations I’ve written about before. This is because the symmetry outside the bubble is not one that leads to solidity. It’s comprised of non-solid particles of a different spin. To cut a long story short, the humans went beyond the mirror world and the bubble and out to freedom. They disappeared from earth. They had traveled sideways to another dimension, one that is common knowledge in scientific circles.

Hours later the humans returned and shortly thereafter tall beings arrived. I’ve written about them before. I named them Tall Boys because most of them were male, even though the first few of them were female. They are eight-foot tall and they can run at unbelievable speed.

The boys and the girls are human looking and very handsome. Each could be a supermodel; their facial proportions are almost perfect. With them came dogs, etheric dogs, many. Also, we saw blue beings, very thin, not really human.

They were very tall and very graceful. Spirits, graces, angels, I’m not sure what to call them but they came early on. There were twenty-six of them initially. More have come since. String theory gave us ten dimensions, Super Gravity offered us eleven and eventually that will double to twenty-two, and beyond those there are four more. So hyperspace as we know it, will end up at twenty-six dimensions. I wrote about that in the Sixth Sense.

Unlike the Tall Boys, the world of the blue beings is different. They are part of comprehension and redemption whereas the Tall Boys are part of the wrap-and-pack show. The boys are part of the heavenly host promised in Revelation. As they poured into this dimension, the ghouls got frightened and backed away.

You have to remember the TDs have never experienced opposition ever before, well not since this thing happened before, maybe tens of thousands of years ago, at the end of the last great technological civilizations. It took two years and nine months to wrap up the UFOs and the Grays and simultaneously the inner ghouls, like those in nature, would have been “effed” off and suddenly humans could breathe a bit. You might have felt the shift over the last few months; the sense of futility might still be there a bit, but there is less fear, less of a demonic presence.

It’s the beginning of the fall of the Fifth Reich.
The Grays are to be led away, places become free. It’s not everywhere at once but here and there; I’ve written about that before so I won’t deal with it here. But we are soon to become liberated from the curse of the Fifth Reich. The war of liberation first took place in another world. In Revelation it’s referred to as the war in heaven. Nothing could happen before the ghouls got whacked as any progress would have been squashed or nullified. Now begins the war on earth.

The families and their cronies go down bit-by-bit. Weird stuff happens. A briefcase of secret documents is left in a taxi and its contents exposed. Politicians misspeak on T.V. accidentally blurting out the truth. It’s called tapping. The intellect that normally offers the lies is momentarily over-ridden (entranced), and the subconscious is lightly tapped to release the truth, it blurts out unintentionally.

That is already happening, you might have heard the famous one recently when Blair talked of “weapons of mass distraction.” Ordinary people are shocked when they realize how they have been robbed and conned. The Forth Reich falters as the Fifth goes down. Mayhem. They won’t go quietly, that’s my guess.

Once the Tall Boys have less of the ghouls to deal with, they will set after the humans. We can see that already happening in the mirror world. The tyrants are being torn to shreds; it’s a bit gruesome to watch. But once their mirror self goes down, they also fall here in 3-D.

I reckon there will be a time when suicides will rocket to millions a year. Here’s why. The ghouls held the world together and granted a few selected people wealth and power but with the ghouls gone, people will become more and more exposed – no protection you see.

Most humans have never seen their shadow but imagine it hovering in front of your eyes. People you’ve hurt and ripped off, people you have treated with disdain, arrogance, the lies you’ve told, the pretenses you affected, it’s all there hovering waiting to appear. No way to get rid of it. Pretending to be nice doesn’t score any points if you distanced yourself from humanity and you treated them with disdain.

Your silent hatred will no longer be hidden away; it will appear as a movie in front of your eyes. I’ve said before, if you murdered your granny with nastiness so she lost hope and died, she’ll walk with you everywhere you go. Shut your eyes and you’ll see her there, sleep and she’ll be in your dreams, go to work she’ll be on the bus with you, endless torment.

I told people years ago, process your shadow or it will come and find you. When it comes, it will try and kill you and take you with it. It wants you to become fully tied to it and empowering it. It seeks to abducted you and carry you to its personal hell. The shadow will want you to keep it energized and alive, but it too will be exposed and it too will eventually falter like the Fifth Reich.

You can kill a human but you can’t kill their darkness. It’s eternal until redeemed. You can degrade a UFO to impotence but you can’t destroy it forever. They come back but not for a long time, maybe one thousand years. All the ghouls come back and any unresolved darkness returns with them and the people of earth will drift once more toward a gradual hell. Leaders will rise up to dominate and enslave them, religions return, the illusion of the elite race will raise its head once more, money will fall under a new domination and we will play it out all over again.

And maybe in ten thousand years time, in a sunny village in what is now France, some alternative people on the fringes of that future controlling system will see Tall Boys running through the village, and when they do they will know that their torment is almost over, as we know it now. “Très cool”, I say.



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