-UK se plange ca din cei 110.000 de emigranti romani de acolo, foarte multi sunt ceteteni moldoveni care au obtinut pasaport din Romania

si astefel desi nu sunt ceteteni UE, se bucura de acelasi drepturi ca cetatenii romani!

Migrants exploiting ‘passport loophole’ jetting into UK – and there’s NOTHING we can do


COUNTLESS Moldovan migrants have been flown into the UK by a budget airline since October due to a passport loophole – and there’s NOTHING the EU can do.

Three flights a week packed with Moldovan migrants are arriving in the UK
Moldova is not in the EU, but any citizen who can get hold of a passport from neighbouring member state Romania is free to travel and work in the UK.

It is very easy for Moldovans to gain Romanian citizenship due to the historical social links between the two countries, with family ties going back generations.

In fact, a sole great-grandparent from Romania is enough for a Moldovan to gain citizenship and free entry to the UK.

An anti-government protest in the Moldovan capital
Three flights a week packed with Moldovan migrants using Romanian passports have been running between the capital Chisinau and Luton Airport since October.

There are now nearly 140,000 Romanians living in the UK, with many thought to be Moldovan nationals exploiting the loophole.

Up to 10,000 Moldovans are applying for Romanian citizenship EVERY MONTH, with a total of half a million now holding Romanian passports.

Luton Airport, where three flights per day are arriving from the Moldovan capital
Many are attracted to the high minimum wages in Britain, with the proposed national living wage set to draw even more migrants to the country.

Andy Wigmore, from the Leave.EU campaign group, said: “With the average salary in Moldova being around £60 a week, our minimum wage and access to free healthcare will continue to be a huge pull for those from poorer countries.”

Women in the Moldovan village of Soroki

A spokesperson for the Mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoaca acknowledged the problem.

He said: “Everyone has a relative or friend that is planning to go abroad to study or work.

„Most of the people from Moldova doing this are using a Romanian passport.”

However, a spokesperson for Wizz Air argued that there was nothing wrong with the practice.

They said: „There has been no indication from the UK Border Agency that there are any issues with our passengers from Moldova at the point of entry into the UK.”



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