Arhiva zilnică: 23/12/2015

Concentratia mare de gaz Xenon 129 in atmosfera martiana care e produs in reactiile nucleare si excesul de pe suprafata planetei de uraniu si thorium

 arata ca in trecut acolo a avut loc o explozie nucleara! Evidence of Ancient Nuclear Explosions on Mars, Says Scientist Nuclear reactions on Mars, Earth said to be ‘natural,’ but are they? In Beyond Science, Epoch Times explores research and … Continuă lectura

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Agenda satanica a illuminati 2015 expusa in intregime!

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Telefonul modular pe care oricine si-l poate repara..

The ethically sourced smartphone you can repair and upgrade yourself is now on sale The long-awaited Fairphone 2 – the smartphone you can repair by yourself – is now on sale. Dubbed the ‘world’s first ethically sourced smartphone,’ the first … Continuă lectura

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In octombrie, exporturile de petrol ale Rusiei le-au depasit pe cele ale Arabiei Saudita.

„I Know Of No One Who Predicted This”: Russian Oil Production Hits Record As Saudi Gambit Fails In late October, we noted that for the second time this year, Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the biggest exporter of crude to … Continuă lectura

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Oamenii de afaceri din Germania protesteaza vehement contra impunerii de sanctiuni Rusiei

German Business Sharply Protests EU Sanctions Against Russia Germany has already lost 6.5 billion euros in trade in 2014, and is expected to lose another 8.5 billion in 2015 The Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations has used unusually strong … Continuă lectura

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Obama vrea sa forteze UE sa impuna noi sanctiuni Rusiei

US Wants to Force EU into New Sanctions Against Russia EU-Präsident Donald Tusk und US-Vizepräsident Joe Biden. Originally Appeared at German Economic News. Translated from the German by Susan Neumann. The efforts by some EU countries to end the sanctions … Continuă lectura

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