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Desene – cip si deils

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Ce creatura mai e si asta?

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-Trendul de intensificare a radiatiilor cosmice, continua si sunt cu 10% mai puternice ca anul trecut!

Cosmic ray intensification trend continues An intensification trend of cosmic rays activity reported last month by continues. The latest balloon flight over California on February 5 observed the highest value yet. The gathered data shows that cosmic rays in the mid-latitude stratosphere … Continuă lectura

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Bayer si guvernul american au infectat cu buna stiinta mii de copii din Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, si Singapore dupa februarie 1984 !

Bayer and US Govt. Knowingly Gave HIV to Thousands of Children What if a company that you thought you could trust, knowingly sold you a medicine for your child that they knew had the potential to give your child HIV? … Continuă lectura

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James Clapper, U.S. director of national intelligence spunea marti ca „modificarea genelor umane, sunt o arma de distrugere in masa”!

Genome editing is a weapon of mass destruction. That’s according to James Clapper, U.S. director of national intelligence, who on Tuesday, in the annual worldwide threat assessment report of the U.S. intelligence community, added gene editing to a list of … Continuă lectura

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Ministrul Educatiei din Franta vrea sa adune 300 de profesori, psihologi, studenti, etc cu care „sa lamureasca populatia” sa nu mai creada in „teoriile conspiratiei”!

Scared of Truth? France Begins Crackdown on Conspiracy Theories As more and more French youth are getting hooked on various conspiracy theories, the French Ministry of Education plans to organize a special meeting and bring together 300 teachers, researchers, psychologists … Continuă lectura

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