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Otrava curata…

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Desene – Chip si Dale de Craciun

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-Planul secret din Africa de Sud de pe vremea aparheidului de-a steriliza populatia de culoare prin intermediul vaccinarii!

South Africa’s Secret Plan To Sterilize Blacks Through Vaccines By Brandon Turbeville South Africa’s apartheid system will always be known for the tragic example of the institutionalized racism that it was as well as for all of the horrific acts … Continuă lectura

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-LG Smart TV prins colectand date din depozitul de file ale aparatelor conectate la USB -ul televizorului.

LG Smart TV Caught Collecting Data On Files Stored On Connected USB Drives from the if-you-give-a-TV-an-internet-connection… dept The growing presence of „smart” devices, each one requiring a connection to the outside world, is a bit alarming (Samsung TV zero day … Continuă lectura

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-Venezuela a ramas fara alimente, stocarea lor a devenit infractiune! Asa arata un colaps economic vazut in realitate!

Venezuela Is Out Of Food: Here’s What An Economic Collapse Really Looks Like Venezuela is out of food. After several years of long lines, rationing, and shortages, the socialist country does not have enough food to feed its population, and … Continuă lectura

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Bancile Centrale sunt „unelte malefice pentru distrugerea la gramada a culturii”!

Central Banks Are „Malicious Tools Of Wholesale Cultural Destruction” Originally posted at The Daily Bell, Stock markets suspect Federal Reserve has interest rate jitters … Hints that the Fed won’t raise interest rates in March are proving to be good … Continuă lectura

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