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-8 Medicamente periuloase pentru sanatate pe care medicii nu le-ar lua si poate si pacientii ar trebui sa faca la fel:

Advair, Avandia, Celebrex, Ketek, Prilosec  si Nexium, Visine Original,  Pseudoephedrine. 8 DRUGS DOCTORS WOULDN’T TAKE: If Your Physician Would Skip These Medications, Maybe You Should, TOO! With 3,480 pages of fine print, the Physicians’ Desk Reference (a.k.a. PDR) is not a quick … Continuă lectura

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15% din populatia US adica 47 milioane de persoane nu folosesc deloc internetul.

Meet the People Who Don’t Use the Internet Despite its seeming ubiquity at home, at the office, in line at the coffee shop, on sidewalks where people bump into each other checking updates, in the damn movie theater where it … Continuă lectura

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-Pentru a nu mai dormi pe jos pe strazi, o fundatie de caritate a construit casute pentru homelessi… Acum primaria din Los Angeles le confisca!

Los Angeles Cracking Down on Tiny Houses Donated to Homeless for Safe Places to Sleep The Los Angeles housing crisis reached absurd new levels this month when city authorities began impounding and seizing tiny houses that were donated to homeless … Continuă lectura

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Zgomotul si suflul exploziilor de proiectile, cauzeaza leziuni cerebrale! In US 330.000 de fosti militari au astfel de sechele!

How Bomb Blasts Change Soldiers’ Brains Explosions are the most common cause of brain injury for troops, but scientists aren’t exactly sure why. Since the first Improvised Explosive Device (IED) targeting U.S. troops exploded in Afghanistan in 2003, American service … Continuă lectura

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In Canada elevii de cl 8-a nu stiu sa scrie de mana ci numai cu majuscule de tipar ! Cetatenii au lansat o petitie catre Ministerul Invatamantului dar nu sunt bagati in seama!

Another Letter to Minister Eggen Feb 28, 2016 — Dear fellow petitioners, My apologies for bothering you again. I have tried contacting the Ministry to confirm whether the Minister has indeed stopped the harmful Inspiring Education initiative, but they have not … Continuă lectura

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Poem pentru o primavara perfecta

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