-Detoxifierea, stimularea sistemului imunitar alungarea „ghinionului” din trup, curatare spirituala, etc prin injetarea veninului de broasca mexicana KAMBO!

5 Reasons You Should Inject Frog Poison In Your Burn Wounds. KAMBO!

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes through a shamanistic experience and decides to take KAMBO. He is joined by Jeff Berwick who went through the intense cleanse with him and as you can see from the video it was a grueling experience. Luke took 16 dots of Kambo and was able to physically purge a lot of bile and parasites in his system. In this video we not only talk about our experiences but the top 5 health benefits of burning yourself and injecting frog poison into your wounds. Stay tuned and SnapChat LukeWeAreChange to see updates on the affects of Kambo. This video was made for you and by you, invest in us and donate on patreon to keep this free and independent media organization running.http://patreon.com/wearechange



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