Un rus si-a tras conducta de bere in casa de la magazinul de la parterul blocul sau…

Russian Man Installs World’s First Personal Beer Pipeline That Runs Straight to a Tap in His Kitchen

In a bid to appease his insatiable desire for beer, A Russian man has installed a personal beer pipeline that runs from a beer store to a tap in his kitchen, giving him unlimited access to the foamy drink!

Andrey Eremeev, a mechanic from Chelyabinsk, had long been dreaming of having a beer tap installed in his home. The idea started off as a joke, but when a beer store opened on the ground floor of his apartment building, he started giving it some serious thought and working on ideas on how best to make it a reality. When he finally built up the courage to pitch his seemingly ludicrous idea to the owners of the store and convince them to provide him with his very own personal beer pipeline, they had a good laugh at first, but later agreed to his proposal.


Andrey had to get a few official approvals, but all in all, things went much smoother than he had anticipated. He discovered that being the only person in the country to ever request a personal beer pipeline, there were no legal standards in place. So the housing committee had to formulate a new plan for him. It took a while, but once the paperwork was completed, he could finally start work on the pipeline that now runs from the beer store to his kitchen sink.

“An idea struck me – why don’t I get fresh beer straight to my apartment?” he said, speaking to 74TV. “It only takes a 10m pipe. Then I wrote a letter to the CEO of the chain retailer and got a positive answer. Now the beer is here and everything is fine. I’m very glad that I’ve lived out my dream!”


Eremeev now has two taps over his kitchen sink – one for hot and cold water, and the other a constant supply of chilled beer. The beer tap is connected to a series of pipes connected to a large keg in the store’s refrigerator section, which only Andrey uses.

“We have recently opened a new brew house and there is plenty of equipment left out,” the brewery manager said. “We connected the keg with flexible hose pipes and conjoined them with the wall. Inside the wall we have previously laid a ducting with a stainless steel pipeline inside. It also has a special cooling system. And via this pipe the beer is brought to the client.”

Russian Man Installs World’s First Personal Beer Pipeline That Runs Straight to a Tap in His Kitchen


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