– Falsa istorie si marea readucere aminte…

False History and the Great Remembering

Tonight my good friend and colleague Cara St. Louis returns to the show.

Cara is an author and an alternative researcher. She has two great books out at the moment; one is The Sun Thief and her most recent title is Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation. Cara just finished up The Great Remembering which is the first in a series of several workbook episodes she is planning on releasing which will pull back the curtain and expose the forbidden knowledge of the matrix.

Tonight’s conversation with Cara is wide ranging as always. We talk about her research into the work of Anatoly Fomenko and his theory of phantom time where he posits, as does Cara, that huge chunks of what we think of and have been taught as true history – is complete fiction. We then delve into the parasitical force which has commandeered the minds of much of humanity and finish with Cara offering her insights on her next Episode dealing with the Phe.



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