-Cu temperaturi in anumite zone de numai 2C, saptamana aceasta in Brazilia ar putea fi cea mai rece din ultimii 16 ani!

Brazil – Could be coldest week in 16 years

Will be detrimental to bananas and passion fruit.

6 June 2016 – Thermometers can reach -2 degrees in rural Criciuma.
will be detrimental to the planting of banana and passion fruit.

This week will be intense cold throughout the state. A cold air mass is acting on Monday and another comes to the region on Thursday. The bitter cold will remain for Saturday and Sunday and part of next week.

Monday started with 11 degrees and will at most to 15 degrees in the afternoon. On Tuesday the day dawns with 3 degrees in the countryside and reaches 16 degrees in the afternoon. On Wednesday, the day begins with 4 degrees and also is no more than 16 degrees.

Thursday will be even cooler. The forecast is that the day dawns with -2 degrees in the countryside, same on Friday. The maximum is no more than 16 degrees on both days.

As climatologist Epagri of Urussanga, Márcio SONEGO says, the low temperatures this week may be the most intense of the last 16 years, remembering the cold registered in the year 2000. In the mountains, the thermometer may register up to -8 degrees.

Plantations – The intense cold will be detrimental to the planting of banana and passion fruit. The native pasture will also be impaired because of the planned frost.


Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Some people may think this is just a little bit of freezing in the night time,” says Argiris. “But remember Brazil is a tropical country in which banana and passion fruit plantations are very vulnerable for below zero temperatures.”

Brazil – Could be coldest week in 16 years


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