-Rusia a construit un pod care acum leaga Krimeea de restul tarii.

Crimea Will Become Even More Russian Than Before (Video)

New bridge between Russia and Crimea has every chance of being the construction of the century

This is probably the most long-awaited bridge in Russian history. The idea of its construction has been hanging in the air from the very beginning of the 20th century. The project was postponed countless times – because of WWI, WWII, boundary disputes between Russia and Ukraine, and so on. And now it seems that the idea is to be finally fulfilled: Crimea will join Russia, not only de jure but very literally.

If realized, it has every chance of being considered the construction of the century. Vladimir Putin, well known as a man of his word, has ordered that the 19 km bridge be built in record time – by 2018. Everyone is well aware that the bridge had better be built by this time.

Specialists from all over the country have gathered together to complete this important historical mission. Everyone has their own reasons, but they all agree: they are building for a common future.

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Un răspuns la -Rusia a construit un pod care acum leaga Krimeea de restul tarii.

  1. Ioan B. zice:

    Atentie! Podul nu a fost construit, ci va fi construit si finalizat in anul 2018.


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