-Coalitia US din Siria actioneaza de fapt ca „forta aeriana a lui ISIS”!

US-Led Coalition in Syria – ISIS’ Air Force

US-led terror-bombing of Syria begun in September 2014 has nothing to do with combating ISIS or other terrorist groups in the country Washington and its rogue allies support – everything to do with serving as their air force.

Vital infrastructure and government sites are targeted, thousands of civilians massacred in cold blood – part of US-led war to destroy Syrian sovereignty, oust Assad, replace him with a pro-Western puppet, and claim another imperial trophy.

On Wednesday, Syria’s Foreign Ministry blasted the latest US-led terror attack on Syrian and allied forces, saying:

“The US-led coalition attacked a position of the Syrian Arab Army on al-Tanf road in the eastern countryside of Homs, leaving a number of Syrian soldiers dead and causing material damage.”

“(T)he coalition’s new aggression…ha(s) nothing to do with the goal of fighting ISIS as claimed by” Washington and its rogue allies.

“The real goal is implementing agendas that aim at targeting the steadfastness of Syria and its army and attempting to debilitate it through prolonging the terrorist war on it.”

US-led actions flagrantly violate international law. “Syria renews its condemnation in the strongest terms of these attacks carried out by this illegitimate coalition against the Syrian Arab Army that is leading a relentless war on the terrorism of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations.”

America’s campaign, together with complicit partners, aids ISIS and likeminded terrorist groups – on the phony pretext of combating them.

Each time Washington is caught red-handed for massacring civilians, the Pentagon or CENTCOM lies, claiming terrorists were attacked or they were responsible for what happened.

Investigations of incidents when conducted are whitewashed, absolving America of high crimes of war and against humanity – a US specialty in all its war theaters.

Media scoundrels go along with the coverup or report nothing, acting as Pentagon press agents, complicit in US naked aggression against nations threatening no one.

On Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the Saudi-led regional offensive against Qatar plays right into the hands of terrorists Riyadh and its allies support.

She blasted US-led terror-bombing, aiding these groups, not harming them, calling what’s going on “irresponsible.”

Perhaps in response to Monday’s US-led naked aggression against government and allied forces in southern Syria, along with previous Pentagon-led terror-bombing incidents in southeastern Homs province, Syrian warplanes struck targets near Raqqa.

Sites held by US-supported terrorists were targeted. So far neither so-called Syrian (undemocratic) Democratic Forces or Kurdish YPG elements commented on the airstrikes beyond a reference to “unknown aircraft” involved.



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