-Inca un monument Confederat, a fost demontat din Forest Park, St Louis!

It’s Coming Down: Removal of Confederate Monument Underway

KMOX’s Michael Calhoun is on the scene and reports a crane is airborne, and the top of the monument has been removed.

One man stopped his car and got out to take a look.

“The Confederate stuff is a reminder, let’s never go there again,” he says.

Treasurer Tishaura Jones released a statement saying her GoFundMe campaign raising money for the monument’s removal is nearing its goal, saying, “I am pleased to report that after three weeks, we have raised over $16,000 of the $25,000 campaign goal.”

Jones also says she is pleased that city has started removing the monument, and will be speaking with officials about transferring her funds to cover the cost of removal.

Supporters of the monument believe St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson doesn’t have the sole authority to remove the statue. They point to a 1912 ordinance that says the location of the monument shall be mutually agreed upon between the parks commissioner and the Confederate Monument Association of St. Louis.

The mayor’s office sent KMOX a statement reading, “It is our position the city has the authority to take down the statue. It is in one of our parks and we have the authority to regulate what is in our parks.”





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