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Suedia vrea sa-si dubleze bunkerele sale nucleare…

Can’t Get Enough: Sweden Wants to Double Its Nuclear Bunkers Sweden, a sparsely-populated Nordic country of 10 million, currently has 65,000 nuclear shelters to protect its population from a potential attack. This is not enough, the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency … Continuă lectura

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Armata Germaniei face exercitii militare pe scenariul „spargerea UE”!

German army ‘plans for break up of the European Union’ in war game scenario 214 Armored infantrymen run in the mud during a media presentation for the annual Land Operation Exercise of the German Bundeswehr in Bergen, northern Germany CREDIT:  EPA  Our … Continuă lectura

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„Schimbarile climatice” (ce nu s-a reusit cu „incalzirea globala”)…!

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China investeste 1000 de miliarde de dollari in „noul drum al matasii” care va fi pe uscat si pe apa

– inclusiv pe cercul Arctic, si care implica 4.4 miliarde de oameni din 63 de tari si care reprezinta 30% din PIB-ul mondial!(US a cheltuit 3000 de miliarde dollari in razboaiele „contra terorii” (?) de dupa 9/11!) The Arctic Silk … Continuă lectura

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Putin spune ca „cineva recolteaza din toata tara, intentionat si in mod profesioanal material biologic al populatiei, pentru un scop necunoascut”!

Putin: Someone is harvesting Russian bio samples for obscure purposes Russian genetic material is being harvested all over the country, purposefully and professionally, President Vladimir Putin has said, possibly hinting at the US Air Force’s earlier move to acquire Russian … Continuă lectura

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Lingouri certificate de Royal Canadian Mint ca fiind din aur pur 99,99%, nu contin aur deloc ci… tungsten poleit cu aur!

„This Could Be Huge”: Gold Bar Certified By Royal Canadian Mint Exposed As Fake The last time there was a widespread physical gold counterfeiting scare was in the summer of 2012 when as we reported the discovery of a single 10 oz Tungsten-filled … Continuă lectura

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