Ingineria climatica a scapat de sub control!

Ex:valul ireal de frig arctic din US, in N Koreea e saracie nu din cauza „regimului Kim” ci pentru ca acolo n-a mai plouat de 12 ani, la fel e seceta in Iran si Cuba, toti dusmanii US!

ALERT: Climate Engineering out of control – Go long defense

If you live in USA you may have noticed recently the weather is really weird.  As this is not being widely reported in the ALT media, we felt an obligation to start a conversation.  So let’s lead into this with a bombastic statement – Raytheon (RTN) controls the weather.  How is this possible you say?  Let’s start with a background on GeoEngineering / Climate Modifcation whatever you call it.  There’s basically one site, well documented, that has a list of information and documents including but not limited to laws passed by the US Senate, Patents filed on climate modification technology, and related issues, start with the documents section here.

This recent ZH article outlines the latest info bits from the winter freeze.

So why do ‘they’ do this you ask?  There are several clear answers to this.  Like anything, follow the money.  America, Inc. has commercialized everything from child care to even the weather.

  1. Weather Wars are one of many new next generation military tactics used against US enemies.  Imagine the plausible deniability!  If you look at US enemies, for example North Korea, it hasn’t rained there in years.  The famine, blamed on the nut job leader, is really a result of the lack of rain.  Farms have not been able to grow crops in 12 years.  It was successful, to the point that it accomplished what it set out to. You can see a similar theme in Iraq, Cuba, and other enemies high on the list.  We’re not criticizing US Military strategy here, actually it’s extremely intelligent.  We’re just pointing out that for Military applications, manipulating the weather has obvious benefits.  (See this published report – „Owning the Weather”)
  2. Commerce.  Under the military economic thinking, destruction is creation.  It’s a paradoxical doctrine but yet it persists in the culture of the Army which by the way is 60% private.  Yes that’s right, the majority of the military are corporations, public and private, like Raytheon (RTN), Lockheed (LMT), and many others.  This is a big category so we’re going to have to break this down into:
    1. Environmental cleanup.  Here’s how it works, big industry pollutes the environment.  Real capitalism involves the creation of toxic waste.  The civil rights movement and labor laws have prevented most abuses of employees at least in the USA (compared to what it was 100 years ago) however big corporations just mostly moved offshore.  However it did little for the environment.  Factories, automobiles, overcrowded cow pastures, poorly maintained nuclear facilities, and hundreds of other hazards are slowly destroying the planet.  One purpose of climate engineering programs is to reverse some of these effects, the topic for another article.  By creating an artificial haze in the air, with various metals, it would create an additional layer of protection and potentially ‘cool’ the planet to counterbalance an overall warming trend (or something to that affect).  Practically there is not enough public data to make proper analysis so we’re not going to bother searching.  This is all done on a private basis.
    2. Destroy/Rebuild.  South Florida and Houston and Southern California have been severely damaged.  With the exception of the insurance industry, contractors and companies like Bechtel are going to make a fortune.  Emergencies get Federal funds too, and it’s not something that someone can have a problem with as far as releasing the budget – it’s always approved.  Who wants to deny some poor family FEMA funds to rebuild their house after a major storm?  It’s just a way to get money for rebuilding something that should have been built properly in the first place.  People who live in South Florida in wood houses on the beach should not be surprised if a Hurricane destroys it.
    3. Weather dependent commodities.  When the last Hurricane pummeled South Florida the price of FCOJ went through the roof.  Now, as this recent storm freezes the Northeast, it’s NatGas that’s exploding.  There’s no telling how this information can be used to gain an edge in markets, or to influence some business one way or another (either by destroying the competition, or by helping the repair companies gain business).  There’s a number of strategies afoot here.  We don’t have access to their operations manuals, obviously, so we can only guess.  But we can put our bets that whoever stands to gain, whoever is profiting, is somehow involved (even if indirectly) with this deal.  You can note that when there’s a big storm Raytheon (RTN) stock gets a little boost.
    4. Unknown Goals.  There can be PsyOps at play here, or a number of political goals, or something like how Howard Hughes bought up property along the San Andreas fault line waiting for ‘the big one’ to break off California into the sea, leaving him with beachfront property.  The weather is a powerful force and there can be vast power and riches for those who control it.  This is probably why this is such a secret!

Possibly, a whistle-blower will come forward with some evidence.  Everything presented here logically is based on circumstantial and anecdotal evidence.  The 1996 paper published by the Air Force was a research paper, and the Air Force has come out publicly multiple times stating this is not policy and this was just ‘theoretical.’  We haven’t had an Edward Snowden event for geo engineering, but perhaps we will.

The most compelling evidence is right above us.  Look up in the sky.  For those over 30 years old and especially for those 60 and older, that cannot recall ‘contrails’ from the 70s (If ‘chemtrails’ are just jet ‘contrails’ why didn’t they exist in the 70s and 80s and early 90s?)

Why has the weather in USA been so GOOD and so BAD particularly in US enemies?  They are not ‘clients’ of the program?

This global map is revealing:


Here’s two well researched articles for further reading:

So in conclusion, is this really a ‘bad’ thing?  Not necessarily, just like with any black project, the ultimate conflict exists, and will persist, as long as such programs remain in the dark.  Until they come out in public, it’s probably a good idea to add the following stocks to your retirement portfolio:  RTN, GD, BA (LON), COL, LLL …

The chance that these businesses will ‘cannibalize’ due to a Bitcoin paradigm shift or any other are slim to none.  They have an artificial self-created business engine that practically guarantees that as long as the current US government exists in its current form, which it will likely for hundreds of years – there will be ‘enemies’ and ‘weather’ and many other problems only these companies can solve.  And if there is peace, and good weather, they will create wars, and storms.  Hey – they need to put food on the table.

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