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„Camere de hotel plutitoare” rezistente la tsunami, au aparut in Japonia…

Tsunami-proof pods: Japan launches guest-saving floating hotel (VIDEO) A new floating spherical hotel project claims to offer its guests unique protection against tsunamis. The Japanese enterprise is designed to protect its inhabitants from a sudden tidal influx – by simply … Continuă lectura

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Milioane de vietati marine moarte pe plajele UK!

A Wave of Dead Sea Creatures Has Turned England’s Beaches Into a Horror Show Pour one out for the sea creatures along the English coast. First, cold waters ushered in by the “Beast from the East” storm last week weakened … Continuă lectura

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In Belgia a inceput distribuirea gratuita de pastile de iodura de potasiu, „in caz de dezastru nuclear”!

Belgium Begins Free Distribution Of Iodine Pills „In Case Of Nuclear Disaster” As part of the government’s new nuclear safety policy, as of today, every Belgian citizen can come to a pharmacy and get free iodine pills. Belgium has two nuclear plants, … Continuă lectura

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-Putin cantand imnul, impreuna cu 130.000 de oameni…

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Israelul vrea sa legalizeze sa nu se mai inapoieze familiilor trupurile palestinienilor ucisi de fortele regimului! Sa fie vorba si de… recoltarea de organe?

Israel to legalize withholding bodies of Palestinians killed by regime forces Mourners carry the body of Khaled Taeh during his funeral in the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank on February 7, 2018. He was shot dead by … Continuă lectura

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De sub gheata care se topeste in Antarctica, au inceput ds apara „constructii ciudate”…

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