US, UK si Franta vor o noua ordine internationala, fara supravegherea UN in care ei sa hotarasca ca doar ei sunt „cei mai tari”!

‘US, UK & France want new intl. order with no UN supervision’ – ex-OSCE VP Willy Wimmer to RT

'US, UK & France want new intl. order with no UN supervision’ – ex-OSCE VP Willy Wimmer to RT
The missile strikes on Syria are another step by the US, the UK and France toward creating they own global order, where they can do what they want without answering to the UN, Willy Wimmer, former OSCE Assembly vice-head, told RT.

“Since the illegal war against Yugoslavia in 1999, they [the US, the UK and France] want to have their own international structure,” Wimmer said. “They want to destroy the Charter of the UN. They are no longer interested in having an international organization, which can work. And, therefore, they do their utmost to create their own world where they can do what they want to do.”

The US and its allies carried out an attack on Syria without sanction from the UN Security Council, blaming the Syrian government for an alleged chemical attack in Douma that was reported by rebel-linked groups, and without waiting for an investigation by the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The former OSCE official warned about the danger of undermining the Security Council, saying that the organization “is the only chance for the globe not to enter a period of ongoing wars.”

“The attitude of the French, British and Americans is the same attitude, which used by Adolf Hitler in 1939 to enter into World War Two,” he said.

Wimmer, who previously served as a state secretary to Germany’s defense minister, said that “since 2011, when the war in Syria started, it was, from the very beginning, a common effort of the US, British and French to destroy, by force, the Syrian state… for their own purpose.”

“Now they have to face reality, and the reality is that Syria survived as an independent state by the help of Russia and Iran, mainly, and the support of both of these countries was in strict accordance to international law,” he pointed out.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed the missile strikes on Syria by the US, the UK and France, calling them “an appropriate and necessary” move. But, according to Wimmer, most Germans don’t share her attitude toward the attack.

“People don’t understand why she has such an approach… for an action of Washington, London and Paris, which is aimed at destroying international law and which is a clear violation of the Charter of the UN… In our constitution, it is clearly said that Germany never should participate in a war of aggression and what the Americans, British and French did yesterday was an attack of aggression against a sovereign country,” he said.

Early on Saturday, Washington and its allies fired more than 100 missiles on civilian and military facilities in Syria in response to an alleged gas attack in Douma on April 7, which the West blamed on the government of President Bashar Assad. The Pentagon hailed the bombing as a success, saying that the three sites, which it claimed were used to produce chemical weapons, were destroyed.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Syrian air defense systems intercepted 71 cruise missiles and air-surface missiles fired by the Western coalition. Damascus and Moscow have previously denied the chemical attack accusations, saying the whole thing was fabricated. The missile strikes occurred on the same day that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons arrived in Damascus in order to investigate the gas attack claims.

US-led Syria strikes: West trashes international law in favor of ‘might is right’

Once again, Western nations have ganged up on a sovereign state, first accusing it of crimes without evidence before following up with a brazen attack. The reason for such behavior is diabolically simple: because they can.

On Saturday morning, the world awoke to the news that the US, the UK and France had followed through on their threat to punish President Bashar Assad for his alleged use of chemical weapons against innocent people. These NATO states unleashed a massive missile strike near Homs and the capital Damascus with the stated purpose of destroying sites said to be connected to the production of chemical weapons. If the attack was intended for domestic consumption only, in typical ‘wag the dog’ fashion, it failed miserably on that score.

Russian President Vladimir Putin slammed the military assault, saying it had not been sanctioned by the UN Security Council, and was carried out “in violation of the UN Charter and principles of international law.”

That was just the beginning of the serious legal issues regarding this brazen, cowardly attack on a sovereign nation. Not only did the Americans, British and French flaunt international law, exactly as they had done seven years ago in Libya, they arrogantly ignored the democratic will of their respective constituents, bypassing congressional and parliamentary procedure in a mad rush to war. In fact, the only thing ‘transparent’ and ‘accountable’ about Saturday’s attack was the flimsy foundation upon which it was advertised.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May, invoking the very same invalid argument that she used to accuse Russia in the Skripal poisoning mystery, said it was “highly likely” Syrian President Bashar Assad was behind the ‘chemical attack’.

Echoing that subjective, fact-free assertion, the White House said it had a “high level of confidence” the Assad ‘regime’ was responsible for the alleged attack.

Not to be left behind by his peers, Emmanuel Macron, displaying early warning signs of Napoleon complex, told reporters that he had “proof” Assad was responsible for the attack. Yet the French makeup artist has yet to produce a shred of evidence to support his claim, and, we can safely assume, never will.

This brings us to the really disturbing part about Saturday’s attack: had Team Trump shown some restraint for just a few more days, they would have been able to make a much more accurate and measured assessment as to what really happened in the Damascus suburb one week ago. That’s because a team of experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), was scheduled to arrive in Syria on April 14 – the very same day the NATO members launched their assault – to carry out an investigation of the alleged chemical attack.

In other words, Trump, May and Macron could actually be charged with ‘tampering’ with a crime scene and destroying the evidence before investigators can carry out their forensic work.

It’s most probably an attempt to create difficulties for the OPCW mission that is just starting its work… or even to thwart it,” the chair of Russia’s Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev, said.

This rush to war brings to mind the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. With UN weapon inspectors on the ground in the country, reporting no trace of weapons of mass destruction, then Secretary of State Colin Powell saved the day by giving a performance worthy of an Academy Award at the UN General Assembly. As attendees stared on in wide-eyed disbelief, Powell shook a vial of ‘anthrax,’ inviting his audience to imagine what would happen if Saddam Hussein decided to unleash the deadly bacteria against their people. Only after the disastrous Iraq War was well underway did the Western mainstream media think to question the ‘bad intelligence’ and blatant deception that permitted the US and its allies to undertake the cruelest, most opportunistic attack on innocent people in recent memory.

The very same could be said about the disastrous NATO-backed regime change in Libya in 2011. In both cases, relatively stable and prosperous countries were turned into hotbeds of terrorism, violence and crime. In fact, the world would most likely never have heard of the terrorist organization ‘Islamic State’ had the West stayed out of Iraq. And here is the sick irony of the West attacking Syrian government forces: it could open the door to bona-fide terrorists coming to power in the event Damascus falls. Indeed, the US has made no secret that its goal is to remove Assad from power, yet – exactly as was the case with Iraq and Libya – they offer no realistic alternatives to his rule aside from ‘moderate rebels.’

Another irony from yesterday’s brazen attack: Trump used the phrase “mission accomplished” to describe the assault, like it was just another day at the golf course. The remark echoed former US President George W Bush’s premature speech on board the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier in 2003 when he declared the end of combat operations in Iraq in front of a banner declaring “Mission Accomplished.” Yet in reality that was just the beginning of the nightmare for Iraq.

America’s waning unipolar moment

At this point, the question must be asked: What sort of dire affliction has infected the Western mind to the point where it believes it can act with impunity against multiple sovereign states? My personal guess is that America and the West are struggling with the uncomfortable realization that their ‘unipolar moment’ is setting fast below the horizon.

Soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States began to indulge itself in increasingly belligerent behavior across a wider and wider swath of the planet. The juggernaut was made all the more harrowing by America’s almost fanatical belief that it is the one and only ‘indispensable nation’ blessed by some higher authority with ‘exceptional’ qualities that are beyond question. This was America’s ‘unipolar moment.’

That open window of militaristic opportunity was applauded by neoconservatives, including Charles Krauthammer, who penned a 1990 article in Foreign Affairs (‘The Unipolar Moment’) where he boldly states: “The immediate post-Cold War world is not multipolar. It is unipolar. The center of world power is the unchallenged superpower, the United States, attended by its Western allies.

This is pure unadulterated Machiavellian thinking, which substitutes liberty and equality before the law with a medieval ‘might is right’ philosophy. Yet, as has been proven time and again throughout history, whenever any single country sits astride the pinnacle of power, it is invariably proven, in the words of British politician Lord Acton that, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This tendency towards the abuse of power was highlighted by a shocking comment made by General Wesley Clark during an interview with Democracy Now. Clark revealed that he had been shown a memo by one of his military superiors that outlined a classified plan to take out seven countries in a five-year period.

This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran,” Wesley said, repeating what he had been told and shown.

Coincidence or not, many of the names on that list have experienced the full wrath of the Western military in one way or another. However, given the rise of a multipolar world, this diabolical shopping list has been put on hold, hopefully forever.

Whatever the case may be, it has become beyond clear that the West holds the claim to the title ‘protector of democratic principles’ only by the force of its lies, deception and outright aggression. How long it will be before the charade ends and the people openly proclaim that the emperor has no clothes is anybody’s guess.


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10 răspunsuri la US, UK si Franta vor o noua ordine internationala, fara supravegherea UN in care ei sa hotarasca ca doar ei sunt „cei mai tari”!

  1. Jes Dora zice:

    Buna ziua.Am o intrebare. Avand in vedere evenimentele care se petrec in lume credeti ca mai este favorabil sau bine sa mai plece romanii la munca in Anglia sau Franta? Mai ales mama singura cu 2 copiii crezand ca Anglia ii va da o sansa ei si copiilor la o viata mai buna?O fi anul acesta ultimul tren care se poate lua spre acest viitor incert?Multumesc. 


    • Lupul Dacic zice:

      Total gresit Anglia mai ales cu copii. Englezii au anuntat ca cei care sunt in Anglia spre finalul anului vor avea un sit special pe care sa aplice daca vor sa mai ramina dupa brexit. Asta inseamna ca vor tria la singe mai ales familiile cu copii. Cei care au copii beneficiaza de multe ajutoare, sunt satui, toata tara urla ca astia din Europa de est stau pe ajutoarele lor.
      Dupa mine cei cu copii au zilele numarate in cam toate statele UE care platesc ajutoare, populatiile sunt nemultumite si acum au gasit si pe cei care sa faca copii deoarece populatia Europei e f imbatrinita. Acestia sunt arabii, nergii, indienii care au impinzit toate statele vestice. Oricum o viata mai buna nu poate exista intr-o tara UE decit aparent. Ai o viata mai buna si o sanatate la pamint deoarece alimentatia lor e numai din supermarket, de aia sunt toti terminati. Si la noi oamenii sunt f bolnavi pentru ca maninca prost dar daca te intereseaza ce bagi in gura gasesti alimente inca sanatoase fata de ce e afara.
      Nu pot sa spun nimanui ce sa faca dar daca as avea un copil, exclus sa traiasca in vest.


  2. citadela zice:

    Pai daca n-ai de nici unele iar viitorul copiiilor este cel de a-si pierde serile in fata scarii de la bloc cu o tigara si o sticla de bere in mina, atunci este mai bine sa incerci si ce ti se ofera in afara.Mai tirziu vezi tu ce si cum, nu?


  3. Corina zice:


  4. Corina zice:


  5. Corina zice:

    citadela zice:
    18/04/2018 la 13:20

    Pai daca n-ai de nici unele iar viitorul copiiilor este cel de a-si pierde serile in fata scarii de la bloc cu o tigara si o sticla de bere in mina, atunci este mai bine sa incerci si ce ti se ofera in afara.Mai tirziu vezi tu ce si cum, nu?

    nu mai visa

    Uk nu mai vrea de 20 de ani est europeni
    De ce pt ca deja se stie UK este cu 20% mai mica decat Romania
    Numai populatia oficiala a Londrei este 20 de milioane
    Neoficial adica real nu minciuna oficiala este 220 de milioane
    Londra este compusa din Londra cu 8 milioane locuitori oficial
    si circa 200 de mici orase comune si sate cu inca 12 milioane , circa 50.000 de fiecare oficial
    Ce este oficial adica cetateni si emigranti cu acte in regula adica cetateni e sau rezidenta permanenta.
    Londra este cum este la noi un judet nu este un orasi , este un Megalopolis, Arie Metropolitana adica mai mare decat o Metropola
    Adica ei un mic orasel de 50.000 de locuitori oficial dra in realiate vezi ca populatia este de cil putin 10 ori mai mare pentru ca maxim 1 din 11 este englez restul numai emigranti adica 95% sant emigranti din 168 de tari
    Majoriatea africani, sudamericani si asiatici din tari proaste 99% din emigranti
    din cele mai sarace 80 tari din lume.
    Apoi sant cei din Estul Europei 0,09%si alte tarii europene sarace ca Portugalia, Spania 0,01%.
    Rezidenta temporala nu se pune nu vor sa te ea in calcul oficial sa recunoasca dar la impozite si pe aia fra acte ii ea dar nu vor sa recunoasca
    De ce nu vor sa te recunoasca daca nu ai acte dar vor impozite pt ca sant foarte foarte rasisti
    Ei au nevoie de sclavi nu de asistati sociali sau infuziune de mentaliate umanista.
    Vor sa opreasca doar pe cei care sant de celputin 20 de ani in UK si de 10 ani cu acte inregula deci rezidenta permaneta nu determinata pe 5 sau 10 ani si pe cei care au muncit nu cersit furat sau stat pe ajutoare sociale adica in acei 20 de ani sa nu fi profitat deloc de somaj sau ajutoare sociale. Iar si fata de cetateni recenti la fel cei care nu au muncit in ultimi 5 ani decand au obtinut cetateni sau au stat pe ajutoare sociale sau au infractiuni sa le retraga definitiv cetatenia si sa ii expulzeze.
    Cum am spus Megalopolisul adica super Metropola sau Aria Metropolitana londra care este cat un judet are 220 de milioane de locuitori real nu miciuni oficiale de minimalizare. Deci este la maxim nu mai poate primi nici 1000 de emigranti, UK are acum 1 miliard de emigranti si 68 milioane de cetateni din acesti cetateni 70% sant fosti emigranti, adica nativi nativi sant doar vreo 24 de milioane ei se simt atacati atat de jafuri violenta cersetorie cat si sugere abuziva de la sistemul de asicgurari sociale somaje ajutoare sociale alocati pentru copii, plus ca nu mai sant joburi nativii creaza joburi emigranti le distrug.
    De ce nu ia expulzat inca pe toti emigranti si vor sa o faca in urmatori 20 de ani treptat pe etape desa s-a inceput de anul trecut.
    1. se vor tai ajutoarele sociale si somajul alocatile de copii handicap etc
    2. se va diminua valuarea acestora adica in loc de 600lire/luna vor ajunge la 100 lire pe luna ca sa iti ei talpasita si sa te cari de unde ai venit
    3. se vor diminua salarile si se va creste numarul de ore suplimentare , orele suplimentare nu se vor mai plati deloc, se va munci obligatoriu si sambata si duminica zi lumina.
    4. nu o sa se mai faca deloc acte la emigranti si contracte de munca deci zero pensie zero somaj zero alocatie pentru copii.
    5. daca te vei plange vei fi expulzat imediat si ambasada si statul roman va trebui sa suporte costurile de expulzare vei primi 20 de ani de interdictie minim in UK de a mai intra si 20 de ani de inchisoare cu suspendare pt intrare ilegala sau munca ilegala.

    6. pana vei fi expulzata vei fi tinuta minim 6 luni in inchisoare sub forma de tortura si nazism de exterminae si efect psihologic cu toti hoti criminali violatori cu se face deja acum in Germania,Franta,Italia,Spania,Portugalia,Austria,Grecia,Norvegia,Suedia,Filanda,Elvetia,Islanda etc.
    7.Preturile se vor dubla adica un kg de orice carne fructe acum costa in jur de 3 lire deci circa 5 euro deci circa 25 lei, ei bine incet in cet in 5 ani vei vedea explozi preturilor numai ca sa ii faca pe emigranti sa plece adica vei plati de 10 ori mai mult 250lei /un kilogram carne fructe.Iar in 20 de ani va ajunge la 2500lei/kg adica 300lire/kg de produs alimentar.
    8.Chirile la fel acum sant 600 lire cele mai ieftine plus billd adica taxe 130 in cinci an va ajunge chiria minima 6000 lire si taxele 1300 lire.
    9.Multe facilitati nu vor mai fi incluse in chirie se vor plati separat telefon, internet,cablu, etc
    10.Vor mari atacurile rasiste xenofobe politia Uk se va implica direct impreuna cu armata se vor degiza in simpli cetateni si noaptea pe fursi vor da foc la casele si blocurile cu emigranti cum au facut in Italia,Franta,Germania,Austria,Grecia,etc.

    11.Se vor mari salarile la nativi britanici de 10 ori in 5 ani ca sa ii ajute asa ca este logic ca vor micsora de la emigranti.
    12.Sistemul public de invatamant si spitale etc se vor privatiza total asa ca daca ai bani inveti ai asistenta sociala medicala daca nu ai bani mori de foame un britanic poate sa isi permita o scoala perivat unde plateste 1000 lire/luna tu nu un britanic isi poate permite sa plateasca un fond de pensi somaj ajutor social privat de 1000 de lire tu nu. Tinand cont ca romani castiga acola doar 1000-3000 de lire maxim(doar aia care au acte ok si contract de munca ), uni doar 400-1200 lire cei care muncesc la negru si sant 99% din romani toti mint ca au acte si contract de munca si castiga bine dar mint cu nerusinare nu au nimic mit ca sant prosti deci fuduli si doi ca sa nu se faca de rusine si sa nu fie expulzat munca la negru in UK este infractiune dar angajatorul nu pateste nimic in schimb emigrantul ea puscarie intre 1luna si 10 ani ca medie mini 6 luni iar in continuare i se mai pune inca 6 luni pentru intrare ilegala in uk sau stationare ilegal nu ai voie sa stai mai mult de 3 luni, o ora inplus inseamna puscarie. Plus ca daca locuiesti undeva si nu te inregistrezi la politie sau primarie ca rezidenta la fel inca 6 lun i de puscarie se cumuleaza, rezidenta ilegala este infractiune.
    13.daca critici sistemul Regina regimul dictatorial pe britanici pe angajatori,politica lor orice de UK poti obtine intre 1 an de puscarie si expulzare si 100 de ani sau chiar pedeapsa capitala. Cum a patit romanul de la amazon sau primul roman ajuns dupa ridicarea vizelor in UK, s-a apucat sa vorbeasca sa critice. UK este o tara supermafiota diabolica si masonica nazista si super criminala si canibala, este formata din terooarea marilor tarani analfabeti oieri salbatici ce s-au apucat de pescuit apoi de jefuit marile pirati in serviciul coranei, ei jefuiau corabile franceze italiene,spaniole,portugeze,grecesti,turcesti,arabe, si asa au facut avere prin jaf la mare mare nu la drumul mare la mare mare. Nobili Englezi debili mintali isi faceau studile inspecial in Franta , uni in Austria Germania,Italia,Spania etc, Ei nu aveau scoli universitati efectiv pana in 1350 ei mncau cacat la greu abea in 1700 au pus si ei bazele inv propriu.Mancatori de oaie,faole si carnati cu miros si gust de coaje de copac si cacat.Bautura lor wiski si Scotty cu gust si miros de gandaci si lipici.
    14.Cei face superiori sant super rasisti,uniti,patrioti,nationalisti si se ajuta si respecta intre ei.
    15.Huligani britanici 24 de milioane sant SS , Gestapou, regina este nemtoaica si majoritatea famililor regale si nobile englezesti, adica alogeni. Totusi tinand cont ca pop Britanic este in prop de 80% de gena germanica se tolereaza. Sa te fereasca in zi de meci sa dai de ei comit numai crime jafuri violuri ca niste adevarati imperialisti,capitalisti ce mai democratie adevarat hotie abuz teroare legalizata terorism guvernamental.
    16.Acum desa nu mai vor sa angajeze emigranti in urma cu un an somajul erea 4% la ei oficial real 40% (emigrati cu acte partiale sau fara acte)asa ca o sa ajunga somajul real la 90% deci juma din someri se vor vedea nevoiti sa plece, adica di un miliarde de emigranti juma se vor cara adica 500 milioane. Nu mai are rost sa te duci decat daca sti limba perfect(adica fac de limbi straine profil engleza plus master si doctorat engleza) ai sute de diplome studii superioare experienta im munca 10 ani minim demostrabila adica pe acte.Si eventual deja cazarea si jobul asigurat cu acte contracte pe minim 3 ani,ca sa primeti viza.
    17. ei nu se grabesc sa expulzeze pt ca locurile abandonate de emigranti tb sa fie ocupate de ei asa ca vor primi numai britanici pur sange alocatie 10.000 lire pe luna de fiecare copil, vor ca in 20 de ani nativi din 24 de milioane sa ajunga la 240 milioane minim, adica vor face cate 8-14 copii.
    18. romanii si bulgari nu sant decat 0,1% restul de 0,9% sant alti est europeni Unguri Sarbi,Chehi,Polonezi,Slovaci etc. Deci nu va plange si nu le va duce dorul UK.
    19. Indieni Pakistanezi Chinezi Vietnamezi etc, asiatici sant foarte bine vazti in UK fata de est europeni si africani care sant egali ca intelect cultura educatie dor si putere de munca.
    20. De ce pai cea mai mare diferenta este ca sant foarte forte ieftini, la fel de ieftini aproape ca africani aproape adica cu 200 lire este multumit fata de african cu 100 lire este fericit, fata de est europeni care cer mini 1000 lire pe luna.
    17. de ce nu

    18. Africani sant foarte puturosi fac munca proasta plini de vicii neseriosi imputiti fara educatie, cu mici excepti arabi si chiar uni negri dar din tari mai bune si doar uni nu toti.

    19. Est europeni si din trai sarace din UE adica Spania,Portugalia sant la fel ca africani doar un pic mai harnici si cinstiti, dar vor 1000 lire/luna minim. unde tu duci este razboi civil de 29 de ani
    20. Asiatici si sudamericani sant preferati au acelasi IQ si cultura educatie ca est europeni si Spanioli, Portugezi dar cer mai putin doar 200 lire/luna doar de doua ori mai scumpi decat africani si fac treaba la fel de proasta ca romani si toti est europeni, Spanioli,Portugezi.
    21.Asa ca dupa sudamericani si asiatici chiar vor plange si regreta, daia ca masura preventiva li se vor mari salarile si momentan pe urmatori 20 de ani vor fi opriti.

    22. refugiati umanitari sau de razboi pe care vor considera Uk sa-i primeasca dar cei oficiali nu ilegari nu vor fi afectati deloc
    vezi aici
    23. refugiati ilegali de razboi sau umanitari gen Haiti,Angola,Somalia vor fi expulzati direct din vame si toti din UK chiar si intr-o singura zi, se for forma patrule mixte cetatenesti cu politia si armata ca in italia grecia franta si vor face razi si patrule de control stradal, firme,baruri,locuinte hoteluri fara mandat dar legal prin lege , iar celor prinsi pe langa inchisoare si expulzare vor mai primi si bataie tortura antiteroris de tip terorism guvernamental sau democratie adevarata reala sa vada ce inseamna sa ti se urce democratiea la cap, sa vezi si tu jandarmul mondial NATO cum imparte bulane si iti sparge capul isti rupe membrele te tortureaza de dezumanizeaza te injoseste in numele noi dezordini mondiale sau oridni mondiale adica noua buda mondiala globalista a elitelor cu probleme psihice de paranoia si grandomanie cu un retras mintal ca Hillari si Tramp si cu impozite ne achiate de 15 ani. vezi si te minunezi copie lincul . vezi
    24. daca nu ai vazut saracie si cum se moare de foame si mafie sau razboi civil pe strazi sfatul meu este sa te duci in UK sa vezi
    25. vezi si te minunesti . vezi


    • Citadela zice:

      Esti simpatica Corina. Multumim de informatii. deocamdata insa din ce spui mai toate schimbarile de care vorbesti sunt in viitorul indepartat, de unde si : ” se va….se vor…, vor fi…, nu o sa se mai faca… samd. Pe amaritii nostrii compatrioti ii intereseaa sa mearga sa cistige de 5-10 ori mai mult ca in tara, bani cu care sa mai ridice un perete la casa, sa puna un gard, sa mai cumpere un motocultivator, tractoras. Pe mamica de mai sus o intereseaza ajutorul ACTUAL de copii care-i maricel nu cel care „va fi…”. Putina lume este intimidata de speritoarea viitorului. Toti traim si tragem cit de mult putem ACUM , in prezent.
      Nu ne intereseaza rolul pe care il vor juca arabetii si alte natii aduse acolo cu un scop precis si extrem de bine calculat!…si DE FAPT inca nu au adus citi sunt nevoie( pe putin inca vre-o 10 milioane) pentru ce se pregateste. Anglosacshii si occidentalii( toti in hora) nu fac nimic fara sa se gindeasca la citeva mutari inainte. Prietenii stiu care-i rolul acestor milioane de supravietuitori!…


  6. Corina zice:

    26.britanici sant la fel vezi de muncitori ca germani si africani niste putori absolute si hoti ,volatori,pedofili,etc dar cu talnte de fata mare scoasa la produs. vezi Ce ii face superiori ca sant foarte corecti intre ei si se ajuta ca sa jefuiasca alte tari, i sa traiasca pe spinarea sclavilor din alte tri si pe resursele sclavilor naturale gen Roia Montana Rompetrol OMV contracte Microsoft+Kiovesi vezi vezi vezi vezi. vezi vezi vezi


  7. Corina zice:


  8. Corina zice:

    cultura si educatia ocidentala


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