Arhiva zilnică: 27/04/2018

-Noua Zeelanda adauga „prostitutia” pe lista „calificarilor” pentru potentialii emigranti!

New Zealand adds prostitution to list of employment skills for would-be immigrants Migrants hoping to start a new life in New Zealand can now add a new skill to their visa applications. Under a new plan, would-be immigrants can claim … Continuă lectura

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Soldati israelieni sar de bucurie si se felicita cand ii impusca pe protestatarii palestinieni (care manifesteaza impotriva mutarii capitalei Israelului la Ierusalim)

‘That will teach them’: Israeli soldiers gloat & cheer as they shoot Palestinian protesters (VIDEO) Disturbing footage from the West Bank published by an Israeli human rights group shows IDF soldiers discussing how to improve land shots on unarmed Palestinian … Continuă lectura

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Mersul spre 2025: pregatiti-va pentru o lume „multipolara”…

The Road to 2025 (Part 1) – Prepare for a Multi-Polar World If pressed to describe what I think the next several years will look like as concisely as possible, I’d simply provide the following quote, often misattributed to Lenin: … Continuă lectura

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US violeaza legile internationale si intra cu forta in Consulatul vacant al Rusiei din Seattle!

US authorities break into closed Russian consulate residence in Seattle (PHOTOS) US authorities broke into the locked residence of the Russian consul-general in Seattle, Washington. The building was evacuated on US orders as part of the mass expulsion of Russian … Continuă lectura

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DARPA a conceput un nou tip de robot „care constientizeaza” construit din materiale moi, asemenea sepiei si care poate fi realizat chiar pe campul de lupta cu o imprimanta 3D!

Army Building „Self-Aware” Squid-Like Robot That Can Be „3-D Printed” During Combat The Army Research Laboratory’s next robot weapon isn’t a new predator drone or even a robot dog like the infamous prototype developed by Boston Labs. Instead, it’s a … Continuă lectura

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– Crimele si abuzurile ce au loc in aceste zile impotriva albilor in Africa de Sud, au atins nivele de neconceput!

In this video by Willem Petzer the crisis pertaining to farm murders and farm attacks is looked at. With a country that has about 30 000 farmers there were eleven farm attacks and three farm murders. Do the maths. And … Continuă lectura

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