Firma americana Global Defense, care livreaza armament si catre CIA, achizitioneaza mari cantitati de napalm pentru un client care ramane anonim!

A napalm strike erupts in a fireball near U.S. troops on patrol in South Vietnam, 1966 during the Vietnam War

CIA Gun Supplier Wants to Buy Lots of Napalm for a Mystery Client – Reports

A company that supplies weapons to the CIA is now reportedly looking to purchase a large quantity of napalm for an entity the firm refuses to identify.

Thor Global Defense, an Arkansas-based firm that supplies weapons to the CIA’s Special Activities Division, has recently attempted to purchase large quantities of napalm for an unspecified customer, BuzzFeed reports citing a contracting document the media outlet obtained.

Gretchen Davis, sales consultant for Thor Global Defense, has confirmed this development but refused to disclose the identity of the client, insisting that she’s „bound by absolute confidentiality.”The CIA also declined to comment.

„There is no evidence that the attempt to purchase napalm was illegal. Still, the fact that an American defense contractor, with government customers in the US and overseas, has been trying to buy one of the world’s most reviled and restricted weapons of war on behalf of a customer it won’t disclose shows how secretive and opaque the American arms business can be,” Buzzfeed remarks.

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