Arhiva zilnică: 06/12/2018

Merkek a distrus Germania iar „diversitatea” a distrus civilizatia vestului!

Merkel Deep-sixed Germany, Diversity Deep-sixed Western Civilization Merkel Deep-sixed Germany, Diversity Deep-sixed Western Civilization This interesting collage shows that not all people of European descent are intimidated by the elite’s efforts to prevent peoples’ expression of opposition to unassimilable immigrants … Continuă lectura

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-Migrantii ajunsi in orasul de granita mexican cu US, Tijuana sunt tratati de localnici ca „porci”, sunt injurati si se arunca cu pietre in ei! Manifestatii antiemigranti scandeaza „Mexicul intai”!

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Au fost incendiile din California cauzate deliberat de o arma laser din satelit? Ciudate moduri in care au ars unele constructii sau alte obiecte…

California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons Yes, this is the EXACTITUDE OF DESTRUCTION offered by AI (artificial intelligence) – run directed energy weapons attacks dependent upon our ionized, electrified atmosphere: structures gone, trees intact. For the military mind, … Continuă lectura

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Lipsa petelor solare anunta o iarna neobisnuit de geroasa, prezice un cercetator NASA!

Lack of sunspots to bring record cold, warns NASA scientist “It could happen in a matter of months,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. ________________ “The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age,” … Continuă lectura

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-Si mai multi copii din US se imbolnavesc de boala care ii paralizeaza si care debuteaza cu febra si probleme respiratorii apoi dupa o saptamana apar parezele!

More US kids get paralyzing illness, cause still unknown It is not clear what is causing some children in the US to lose the ability to move their face, neck, back, arms or legs. More children have been diagnosed with … Continuă lectura

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Din informatii „scurse”, apare ca UE isi va pastra toate parghiile de control fata de UK dupa iesirea acestora din UE!

EU Will Retain All Controls – Reported Leak From Brussels on May’s Brexit Deal EU sources have reportedly revealed what Brussels thinks the White Paper proposed by the British prime minister really means. A leaked diplomatic note from a meeting between European … Continuă lectura

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