De ce face BBC tot mai tare propaganda “incalzirii globale” (dupa o iarna record!): pentru ca in Decembrie ar trebui sa se semneze “tratatul” mondial pe acest subiect! Deja China, Rusia, India nu il vor semna si nici altii…

Why the BBC’s preaching on global warming is getting louder

The global ‘climate treaty’ many are so desperate to see signed in Paris next December is just not going to happen

In wishing you all a happy Easter, I was planning to discuss what exactly the fact that this Easter we have fewer primroses in Somerset than usual has to do with “climate change”. But I have had to hold this over because I need to send a message of sympathy to the BBC for how they have lately had to treat us almost daily to programmes trying to defend the collapsing case for global warming.

I particularly enjoyed one on the World Service explaining, with the aid of a psychologist, why people these days seem to be going on about global warming much less they did a few years ago; and even more the one on Radio 4 in which a studio-full of devout warmists tried to dismiss some of the more awkward scientific objections raised by “climate sceptics”, without having a single “sceptic” present.

But if you were wondering why the BBC has recently been so keen to preach to us on this subject even more relentlessly than usual, this is, of course, because ofthat global “climate treaty” they are so desperate to see signed in Paris next December. Unfortunately, this coming of the long-awaited Messiah is not going to happen, for exactly the same reason that made such a fiasco of their last great religious rally in Copenhagen in 2009. China, India and Russia, three of the world’s top five “carbon-emitting” nations, aren’t going to have it.

While we build these, China laughs behind its hand (Photo: Alamy)

The greatest “sinner” of all, China, laughing behind its hand, tells President Obama that it might do something to curb its emissions; but only after 2030. India says it might do something even sooner; but only so long as the developed world steps up to the plate with the $100 billion a year they promised five years ago to developing countries. Now the Russians say they have already pretty well done enough by closing all those polluting old Soviet industries after the fall of Communism in 1990.

So despite the BBC looking ever more like a little band of true believers huddled on a mountain top waiting for the Second Coming, that treaty they’ve so fervently been praying for just ain’t going to be. A happy Easter to them all just the same.

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