-Cine vrea haos in Europa? Mergeti pe firul banilor!Proprietarii Sistemului Fnanciar Global vor sa se salveze de la colaps! Chaotization of E

Chaotization of Europe: Follow the Money

Sergey Filatov

Translated by Kristina Kharlova

Brussels was blown up.

The capital of the European Union housing NATO headquarters.

Who? And why?

No matter what they say about the terrorists – who they are and where they come from, the overall picture is grim.

When after 2011 the systematic work on chaotization of the Middle East has begun – we wrote about it repeatedly, the zone from Libya to Afghanistan via Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Iraq turned into a continuous bleeding wound on the body of North Africa and Western Asia. Since 2014 – with the victory of Maidan in Kiev – this arc of instability has spread to Europe.

Controlled and paid for by international funds, the influx of migrants to Europe was the next step in spreading destabilization.

Terrorist attacks in Paris was a loud „call” of approaching Chaos, ringing at the European gates.

The goal of chaotization of huge spaces is to steer the mass of local money to a „safe financial haven” of Wall Street.

We must remember that after triggered, in particular, personally by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, „Arab spring” (investigation of her activities in 2011-2012 is underway), a coordinated attack on off-shore banks was carried out. Under attack came Cyprus, the British Virgin islands and some other off-shore jurisdictions. It was necessary to discredit those points of „safe storage” of money. And all those who wanted to hide their pennies away from their tax services were given a hint: „Your money will be safe only in the United States.”

And the money fled there. According to some estimates, the amount transferred from the burning Middle East to American banks is estimated at one trillion dollars!

Moreover, investments no longer flow to the chaos zone – they also look for safe regions. Well, who will invest today in Libya or Syria?

Now they are on to Europe.

It seems that the process of chaotization of the Old World has been accelarating in accordance with a certain plan:

– the influx of refugee migrants;

– infiltration of their ranks with Islamist militants;

– creation of a terrorist network (networks?);

– testing local reaction to the first terrorist attacks in Paris – what will security services and politicians do in response;

– evaluation of this, in our view, sluggish reaction;

– transition to a new phase of Chaotization.

Poor Europe. It’s only the beginning.

History books say that effective recovery from economic crisis is war. Today we are in the midst of a global economic crisis. And here’s your war. The new type of war – „hybrid war”, which has no fronts, but has combat units, has victims and generates Terror and Chaos.

The only true solution in today’s situation is an investigation that will lead to uncovering the details of a sinister plan of Chaotization – now of Europe, which we must understand, has been calculated and laid out  – to „what”, „where” and „when” – and has already been launched.

To halt the next stage of destabilization inherent in this plan, we must assess the overall intent of its masterminds. And stop its execution.

It seems that the trends are already clear: the purpose of attacks on North Africa, the Middle East and now Europe – is creation of an environment by which the Owners of the current Global Financial System are trying to save it from Collapse. What will be the response move?



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