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Artefacte romane din sec 8, gasite in Tucson, Arizona, in albia unui rau?

Tucson Artifacts Suggest Romans Made It to New World in 8th Century: Expert Medieval scholar Donald Yates, Ph.D., is shedding new light on controversial artifacts found near Tucson, Ariz., in the 1920s. At least 32 cast-lead artifacts, many of them … Continuă lectura

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-Un fost profesor de la University of Louisiana, Daniel Whitmire, e de parere ca „planeta X” care e de 10X mai mare ca Pamantul e in apropiere iar luna aeasta va produce prin gravitatia sa mari distrugeri pe Pamant!

Planet X to really cause mass extinction this month? The elusive Planet X, or Nibiru, with its unimaginably long 27-million-year orbit, is still only a theory to many. But one astrophysicist believes it spells doom for Earth. Nibiru’s arrival this … Continuă lectura

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-Un studiu al Stanford University publicat in Nature, arata ca „specia umana e invaziva si se indreapra spre autodistrugere”!

Humans an Invasive Species Heading for a ‘Crash,’ Study Says „The question is: Have we overshot Earth’s carrying capacity today?” Humans are the most successful invasive species on the planet, but Earth’s resources are not limitless. (Photo: Michael Candelori/flickr/cc) Human … Continuă lectura

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-DARPA: pana in 5 ani vom vedea flotile de nave militare robot …

DARPA Unveils Plans For World’s First Flotilla Of Killer Robot Warships Within 5 Years – “Sea Hunter” As above, so below. While the global drone arms race heats up across the planet, filling the sky with automated weapons of war, … Continuă lectura

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-Nave cargo fara echipaj, vor colinda oceanele lumii de prin 2020…

Crewless ‘drone ships’ will be sailing the seas by 2020 Remote-controlled “drone ships” will be plying the sealanes without crews on board by the end of the decade, according to Rolls-Royce. The FTSE 100 company best known for its aircraft … Continuă lectura

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Al Gore foloseste metode de intimidare si amenintari stil McKarthy pentru a-i criminaliza pe cei ce critica „schimbarea climatica”!

Former Vice President Al Gore and several state attorneys general are targeting critics of climate change.   Group: Al Gore using ‘McCarthy-style tactics’ to criminalize climate change critics Former Vice President Al Gore and several liberal attorneys general are stepping … Continuă lectura

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