Se pare ca evreii au mințit în legătură cu istoria lor în Vechiul Testament. Dovezi noi coplesitoare ale savanților de top, atat egipteni cat si israelieni , arată că evreii nu au fost niciodată sclavi în Egipt.

Dacă evreii ar fi trăit în Egipt timp de secole ca sclavi, cu
siguranță ar fi observat piramidele și Sfinxul !!!
( BINGO ! Cat se poate de logic,,,) 
În mod ciudat, nici una dintre aceste mari minuni arhitecturale ale lumii nu
sunt menționate nici chiar o dată în Vechiul Testament !!!   Istoria antică ebraică așa cum o știm astăzi se bazează pe o minciună colosală – că evenimentele descrise s-au întâmplă în Egipt, într-adevăr sa întâmplat dar in în Arabia. Ceea ce înseamnă că, în conformitate cu versiunea sa, poveștile lui Iosif, Moise și Exodului ar putea fi încă adevărat, dar locația în care se presupune că a avut loc sunt false.

Aceste descoperirri sunt susținute de egiptologi de talie mondiala, incepand cu James Henry Breasted , Donald Redford, în Israel Finkelstein. Chiar și unii experți israelieni sunt de acord, inclusiv șeful de arheologie de la Universitatea din Tel Aviv. Prof. Ze’ev Herzog, într-un articol din 1999 în Ha’aretz, a declarat:

„Israeliții nu au fost niciodată în Egipt, nu au rătăci în deșert, nu au cucerit pamantul într-o campanie militară și nu au trecut pe la cele 12 triburi ale lui Israel.“………………………………
Cel mai revelator indiciu a fost noțiunea de sclavie, care pretinde Ezzat nu a fost niciodată practicat în Egipt până când grecii și perșii au adus practica cu ei , o mie de ani mai târziu de presupusa perioada a lui Moise și Iosif.
Dr.Ashraf EZZAT : ” „Egiptul antic a fost înjunghiat în spate de o duplicitate timp de două mii de ani !“
Minciunile prezentate în Biblie, care au fost preluate în alte religii prezintă un pericol violent pe baza unor informații greșite……continuarea in articolul original

Ion Barbulescu

The First Jewish Lie: The Old Testament fabrication that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt — John Kaminski

It seems that Jews have lied about their history in the Old Testament. Overwhelming new evidence by top Egyptian and Israeli scholars shows that Jews were never slaves in Egypt. 

Pictures and captions by Darkmoon

Giseh, Sphinx u.Pyramiden / Farblitho. - Giza / Sphinx a.Pyramids / Col.Litho. -

If the Jews had been living in Egypt for centuries as slaves, 
surely they would have noticed the pyramids and the Sphinx? 
Strangely, neither of these great architectural wonders of the world
are mentioned even once in the Old Testament!  

Jews lie. Jews have always lied. And most assuredly, Jews are still lying today about everything that has to do with themselves and their sordid history.

So considering how they have wrecked the United States, Russia, Germany and so many other countries by mentally lobotomizing and financially castrating all of them, it should come as no surprise that Jews have falsified their own history from the very beginning.

Or to put it more concisely in the words of an Egyptian medical doctor named Ashraf Ezzat:

“The truth is that ancient Egypt never knew any Pharaohs nor any Israelites. Egypt was never the land of Exodus and Palestine was never the Promised Land.”

Backed by every reputable expert in the known world, Ezzat argues that ancient Hebrew history as we know it today is based on one colossal lie — that events described as happening in Egypt, if they happened at all, really happened in Arabia. Which means that according to his version, the tales of Joseph, Moses and the Exodus might still be true, but the location in which they are alleged to have happened are false.

To the average person, this would seem a farfetched assertion were it not for the supportive testimony of the world’s top Egyptologists, from James Henry Breasted to Donald Redford to Israel Finkelstein. Even some Israeli experts agree, including the head of archeology at Tel Aviv University. Prof. Ze’ev Herzog, in a 1999 article in Ha’aretz, said:

“The Israelites were never in Egypt, did not wander in the desert, did not conquer the land in a military campaign and did not pass it on to the 12 tribes of Israel.”


The Crossing of the Red Sea ROSSELLI (1439 – 1507)

[LD: The Old Testament tells us that God helped to part the waves of the Red Sea, allowing his Chosen People to cross over miraculously to the other side as they fled from Pharaoh’s pursuing army. As soon as the Egyptian army descended into the same trench, God let the waves return in a huge collapsing wall onto the heads of the evil Egyptians who were all drowned. 

Amusing titbit. “Red Sea pedestrians”  =  Monty Python’s politically incorrect euphemism for “Jews”. [LD]


Needless to say, this revelation has profound implications for all of the world’s major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which all base their deeply flawed legitimacy on these questionable Old Testament legends.

For Dr. Ezzat, the ferreting out of the real story of the Jews is a matter of defending the reputation of his illustrious homeland, the oldest known human civilization, the mysterious land of the pyramids and the Sphinx. Ezzat seeks merely to uncover the truth buried beneath two thousand years of deliberate and slanderous misrepresentation of a culture that provided the foundation of the monotheistic religions which have “borrowed” heavily from Egyptian tradition but neglected to mention the source as they claimed these well-known rituals as their own.

51QdWU4ISkL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Ezzat has labored at this task for several years on his Pyramidion websitebut now has taken a big step forward with the publication of “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites” (pictured). The book is available in a Kindle edition for a mere $5 and contains lots of very valuable live links, including Breasted’s famous “Dawn of Conscience” essay and instructive background material from the Roman writer Plutarch, Egyptologist Donald Redford and contemporary reporter Juan Cole using archivist Peter Myers’ encyclopedic background data.

The book is a real treasure trove of objective Biblical history, an essential counterweight to the overabundance of unreliable religious proselytization material that handicaps objective historical scholars everywhere with self-absorbed misinformation.

Defending Egypt’s honorable tradition

Many factors set Ezzat on this detective trail of the Biblical deception that castigates Ancient Egypt as an immoral, slave-keeping society.

The first clue was that the Old Testament never mentioned the pyramids, making the writers of that document the first and probably the only visitors to Egypt who never mentioned these awe-inspiring structures.

Ezzat’s contention, backed by solid empirical scholarship, is that the events of the Old Testament occurred in southwestern Arabia, in a province called Mizraim, or Misr, a location now near modern day Yemen, which is where he says the tribe of Israel was really born.

The second tipoff was the terrain, which in the OT more resembles hilly Arabia rather than flat Egypt. Also, the Bible recounts droughts, which Egypt never had, only fluctuations in the flooding of the Nile. Many of the events ascribed to the area of present day Palestine actually occurred much further south down the coast of the Red Sea, Ezzat insists. Furthermore an even more telling detail in the Joseph story was the camel caravan carrying “gum, balm and myrrh”, which were products of Arabian trade, not Egypt’s.

The third and most revealing clue was the notion of slavery, which Ezzat claims was never practiced in Egypt until the Greeks and Persians brought the practice with them a thousand years later than the supposed time of Moses and Joseph.

Some stories state the pyramids were built by slaves, but history shows us the pyramid builders were willing volunteers, as the village of the pyramid builders attests.

And the fourth aspect of this millennia-old Old Testament fraud was the label of pharaoh, which no Egyptian document ever uses. But the leader of the Mizraim tribe was called Faraon, which made the switch from Hebrew to Greek and the creation of a villainous pharaoh many centuries later an easy trick to pull off. Egypt, one of the best documented of all ancient civilizations, never once used the term pharaoh.

This is truly a tale of two Egypts: Egypt was mentioned in the Bible around 700 times; the Israelites were not mentioned once in the Egyptian records.

The 5th century BC historian Herodotus, commonly known as “the father of history”, never mentioned pharaohs, only kings. Herodotus also never mentioned Israel, repeatedly mentioned Palestine, Syria and the Phoenicians, never mentioned Jews or Canaanites, and never mentioned any Jewish holy temple.

But more than anything else, it was the insult to Ancient Egypt’s extremely enlightened religious philosophy — moral practices that have never been equalled by the civilizations that came later — that compelled Ezzat to defend the honor of a remarkable culture that survived for the better part of three millennia, longer – you make take note — than any other culture in world history.

“Deceitfully linking the story of Moses and his Pharaoh has tarnished the image of one of humanity’s greatest civilizations,” Ezzat writes. “Ancient Egypt has been stabbed in the heart by this two-thousand year duplicity. And this deception is likely to continue if we don’t expose the truth about the Israelite stories and their Arabic origin and the Septuagint fraud.”

"Egypt has been stabbed in the back by a 2000-year duplicity!"
“Ancient Egypt has been stabbed in the back by a two-thousand year duplicity!”

Corrupt Jewish translators

In the 2nd century BC, the Hebrew bible was translated from Aramaic to Greek at the legendary Library of Alexandria. Seventy Jewish scribes, hence the designation of the Septuagint Bible, were assigned this task by the Ptolemies in which they cunningly replaced this obscure tribal leader Faraon with the mighty Egypt and its king. The Greek version, with this malicious distortion of ancient history, has been the source for all translations of the Bible worldwide ever since.

The Septaguint deception had been the result of a Greek-Jewish bond very similar to nowadays’ American-Israeli one. (Controlling and manipulating world superpowers — ancient and modern — is obviously an old Jewish proficiency also demonstrable in the old Jewish/Persian arrangement that led to the release from Babylonian Captivity and the complicity with the Roman Empire to control and contain Christianity.)

Replacing the Arabic town of Mizraim/Misr with pharaonic Egypt in the stories of the Patriarchs has not only distorted the Israelite stories but the historiography of the whole ancient Near East.

The dangers this misrepresentation presents to modern times are numerous.

Number one, modern Egyptians have been detached from their own culture.

Number two, the lies presented in the Bible that have filtered into other religions present a violent danger based on mistaken information.

For instance, the Salafis, hardened Islamists and jihadists, want to demolish all of ancient Egypt’s monument and temples, including the Pyramids and the Sphinx, because they believe these are the idols Pharaoh worshipped while rejecting the true word of God delivered by Moses.

So here is a closed-minded mass murder plot based on the fairy tale of Jewish slaves building the Pyramids

The Exodus tale is about slaves, toiling in 400 years of continuous bondage. The failure of his brothers to murder Joseph is told both in the Qu’ran and the Bible. The brothers sold him to the Ishmaelites, not the Egyptians, for 20 shekels of silver (Genesis 37:26-28).

The Septaguint deception repeated through contemporary filmmaking was evident in the recent Ridley Scott film (which flopped at the box office!) Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Egypt banned this movie for its “Zionist view of history”. The same scam perpetrated by the Jews for 3000 years — changing history to dupe the public — is still being run today in Hollywood.

Although Exodus: Gods and Kings is set in Egypt, you won’t actually be able to see it there. According to Deadline magazine (and reported by Ezzat), Scott’s adaptation of the biblical story of Moses has run afoul of Egyptian censors. Abdul Sattar Fathi, the head of the Egyptian state censorship board, harshly criticized the film, citing “historical mistakes” such as claiming the Jews built the pyramids and portraying Moses as a general, not a prophet.

“Furthermore,” Fathi said, “it shows ancient Egyptians as a mob group persecuting peaceful Jews. Our board has refused this out of respect for Egyptians’ feelings.”

(Peaceful Jews, I like that. Could be the only example in history of peaceful Jews. No surprise that only Hollywood could come with a concept like peaceful Jews, which is surely a type of human being that has never before been seen in history. Go tell the Palestinians about peaceful Jews.)

Says Ezzat, who remains scrupulously impartial when it comes to contemporary politics, Egypt is simply not where this story took place.

At the time, Israel wasn’t there

Jews lie. How many modern examples do you need? Six million dead in a Holocaust that never happened? People all over the world paying reparations for crimes they didn’t commit and being thrown in jail when they ask for proof of these crimes. A Jewish company producing poison food and a Jewish government forcing people to eat it. Jews murdering thousands of unarmed peasants and calling it self defense, triggering wars all over the world through covert manipulation of governments it has bought.

Current Israeli rabble rouser Binyamin Netanyahu said recently in a speech that the Jewish people were building Jerusalem 3000 years ago. Yet another Jewish lie.

Ezzat says no.

“The Jewish people were not building Jerusalem 3000 years ago, i.e. 1000 BC . . . There was no invasion of geographical Palestine from Egypt by former slaves in the 2200s BCE . . . The chronicle of events of the reign of Ramses II on the wall in Luxor does not know about any major slave results or flights by same into the Sinai peninsula. Egyptian sources never heard of Moses or the 12 plagues.”

Jerusalem not only was not being built by the likely then non-existent “Jewish people” in 1000 BCE, but Jerusalem probably was not even inhabited at that point in history. Jerusalem appears to have been abandoned between 1000 BCE and 900 BCE, the traditional dates for the united kingdom under David and Solomon.

So Jerusalem was not ‘the city of David,’ since there was no city there when he is said to have lived there. No sign of magnificent palaces or great states has been found in the archeology of this period, and the Assyrian tablets, which recorded even minor events throughout the Middle East, such as the actions of Arab queens, don’t know anything about any great kingdom of David and Solomon in geographical Palestine.

Not a thing.

Palestine was not the homeland for the kingdom of Israel and the stories of its early patriarchs. The inception of Judaism and the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and Moses happened in Arabia and Yemen, Ezzat writes. The blatant failure of Biblical archeology in the land of Palestine is primarily due to a premise completely flawed and a Bible (Septaguint) cunningly tampered with (by the same evil creeps who manipulate our news and educational materials today).

Egypt’s written records date back to 1870 BC. No trace of the Israelites.

Slavery was a common tradition in Arabia but not in Egypt. Slavery didn’t come to Egypt “until 7th to 4th century BC, with the influence of the Persian/Greek invasions.”

This tradition of slavery lingers on in Yemen, where foreigners aren’t allowed to get a job without the sponsorship of a native called a kafeel who control all aspects of their lives.

In his breakthrough theory “Bible Came from Arabia” Dr. Kamal Salibi has discovered more than one hundred place names in Arabia and North Yemen that amazingly matched the ones mentioned in the Torah, Ezzat writes.

“Placing the Israelites back in their native Arabic land will no longer make the pervasive future of slavery in the stories of Joseph and Moses alien or inexplicable, or the walls and fortifications of mountainous villages tumbled by Joshua unreal and unverifiable.

“The land Joshua conquered was a small territory in North Yemen. The Egypt of the Bible is not the Egypt of the NIle Valley but an obscure little town in the southwestern desert of ancient Arabia called Mizraim, or Misr in Hebrew and Arabic.

“The Exodus took place in a much humbler way and on a much narrower scale in an obscure little village in ancient South Arabia,” Ezzat writes.

“If Egypt knew no Pharaohs, then it goes without saying that Egypt never knew Moses, either. And if Moses never set foot in Egypt, then the Exodus’ road map into the Promised Land has to be redrawn.”

A conception of world harmony

The lies began a long time ago. According to the Old Testament, written by Jews, ancient Egypt is the land of idolatry, tyranny and slavery.

It is this slander at which Ezzat bristles, because the precepts of the ancient Egyptian religion were plagiarized by its Christian and Muslim successors lock, stock and barrel.

“Maat is the Egyptian concept of world harmony based on justice, balance and truth. Maat, or the lady of truth, as personified by ancient Egyptians in the shape of a lady wearing the feather of truth on her head and holding the balance of justice, is the code of ethics by which all Egyptians, including monarchs, should follow,” Ezzat writes.

The late Prof. Breasted, in a beautiful introduction to his 1933 classic Dawn of Conscience, writes in a live link from the book:

“The Egyptians possessed a standard of morals far superior to that of the Decalogue (the Ten Commandments) over a thousand years before the Decalogue was written.”


Famous Egyptologist Professor James Henry Breasted 
in his office at the Oriental Institute, 1929

So Ezzat is not making this stuff up. Breasted is one of the most respected historians ever. And Ezzat’s insistence that much of the material in the Old Testament is fabricated, distorted and plagiarized is true.

For instance, the wisdom of Amenemope, preserved in an Egyptian papyrus in the British Museum, was translated into Hebrew in ancient times and, circulating in Palestine, was the source for a whole section of the Old Testament Book of Proverbs.

“Our moral heritage derives from a wider human past enormously older than the Hebrews, and it has come to us rather through the Hebrews than from them. Man arose to high moral vision two thousand years before the Hebrew nation was born,” Ezzat writes.

Just like in modern times, when in World War II Germany was presented as the bad guy while the Jewish countries the U.S., Britain and Soviet Union were presented as the good guys, the Hebrews presented Israelite interlopers as the brave heroes and innocent Egyptians as the villains, which like the juxtaposition of Israeli murderers and Palestinian victims into Jew freedom fighters and Islamic terrorists is a historical injustice and unforgivable lie of the type that so debilitates our existence today.

Jews lie. They always have, and they always will.

There Was No “Exodus”


First, most important…

How many Children of Israel (COI) were on the alleged Exodus?

Various “studies” (I don’t know how one can study something that never happened) put the numbers between 3 and 6 million. The bible says there were 600,000+ males of fighting age. Here is a Christian website that supports the number as being 2.5 – 3.5 million. Assuming that there were large families due to the rapid increase in the Jewish population)  and knowing that even the Children of Israel  had slaves (Exodus 12:44) it is easy to support a number of 3 million  (about the size of Chicago).

This apologist “shows” that the number of COI in Egypt at the end of the 430 years was about 5,000,000! This totally vindicates our use of 3,000,000.


The Truth Is…

No Jews in Egypt EVER!

The “documentary hypothesis” identifies four authors, J, E, D, P of the Torah. J and E wrote around 900 BCE, D and P wrote around 700 and the whole Torah was assembled around 400 BCE. No serious Biblical scholar denies this timeline for the Torah.

The Torah defines what it means to be one of God’s chosen people, it defines the Jewish religion. It lays down all the laws that one had to follow (including cutting off part of a man’s penis) in order to be seen as a Jew.

Since the Torah was not completed until around 400 BCE, there was no such thing as a Jew in 1446 BCE.

No Written Evidence of Existence of Hebrews in Egypt

According to Exodus 12:40, the Israelites  lived in Egypt for 430 years. The Bible mentions Egypt about 700 times, yet there is no mention of the Israelites in any Egyptian history, nor archaeological evidence outside the Hebrew Scriptures that records the sojourn of the Israelite in Egypt. With no leader (Moses comes later) and no synagogue, the “Israelites” would have been assimilated into the Egyptian culture.

There is no mention of Jews or 10 plagues in this  extensive history of Egypt.

Most Important: The Egyptian records themselves have no mention of anything recorded in Exodus. Egyptians wrote extensively, in their distinctive hieroglyphs, and practiced detailed art that depicted many scenes of Egyptian life yet none depicts any of the 10 plagues. Because they left such a rich legacy, the Egyptians are more familiar to us than perhaps any other ancient civilization.

As the Jewish archaeologists Israel Finkelstein and Neil Silberman noted:

[W]e have no clue, not even a single word, about the early Israelites in Egypt: neither in monumental inscriptions on the walls of temples, nor in tomb inscriptions, nor in papyri. Israel is absent – as a possible foe of Egypt, as a friend, or as an enslaved nation

Most historians today agree that at best, the stay in Egypt and the Exodus occurred in a few families and that their private story was expanded and “nationalized” to fit the needs of theological ideology.

Israeli archaeologist Ze’ev Herzog, provides the current consensus view on the historicity of the Exodus:

The Israelites never were in Egypt. They never came from abroad. This whole chain is broken. It is not a historical one. It is a later legendary reconstruction – made in the seventh century [BCE] – of a history that never happened.

William Dever, an archaeologist normally associated with the more conservative end of Syro-Palestinian archaeology, has labeled the question of historicity of Exodus “dead.”


No Archaeological Evidence of a 40 Year Sojourn in the Desert

Modern archaeological research has found no evidence that the Sinai desert ever hosted, or could have hosted, 3+ million people, nor of a massive population increase in Canaan, estimated to have had a population of between 50,000 and 100,000 at the time. The wilderness of the southern Sinai peninsula shows no traces of a mass-migration such as Exodus describes, and virtually all the place-names mentioned, including Goshen (the area within Egypt where the Israelites supposedly lived), the store-cities of Pithom and Rameses, the site of the crossing of the Red Sea, and even Mt Sinai itself, have resisted identification.[2]

Even Those Whose Purpose Would be Served Can’t Find Anything

This is not for want of trying. Both Jewish and Christian “scholars” have been desperately trying to find evidence to “prove” that Exodus took place.  “Between 1967, when Israel captured the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, and 1982, when it was returned in the peace treaty, Israeli archaeologists made dozens of expeditions throughout the peninsula. Yet, not a single shred of evidence for an ancient Israelite presence was found. Great schools of Jewish archaeology, given every motive to find to the contrary, and given every chance to find, in the Sinai and the region, any evidence of the Exodus, were unable to do so. Came back empty handed and admitted that there was no evidence for any Jewish life in Egypt or in the Sinai desert.

Surely more than 3+million people wandering around for forty years would have left some traces (pottery, bones, fecal matter, wagon parts)  for archaeologists to find. Remember, God allowed the initial cohort of 3+ million to die. Only second generation “Israelites” entered Canaan. Thus there would have been over 3 million well preserved (desert you know) human skeletons, not to mention the skeletons of the live stock. Yet not a single bone has been found. Nor has any trace of fecal matter (a primary tool of archeologists and DNA analysis. See  Archaeological Study of Human Fossil Feces called Coprolite” for proof of this.)  been found and there would have been plenty of it, especially from the thrice dead cattle that Israelites took with them.

Ezion-Geber, where the ancient Israelites supposedly encamped (Numbers 33:35), is another site that has been identified by archaeologists.  Yet here too no artifacts dating to the time of the Exodus can be found. Finally, despite numerous digs on Mount Sinai, on the southern tip of Sinai Peninsula, no evidence has been found of any ancient Israelite presence there.

No Evidence of Effect of Loss of 1/2 of Egypt’s Population

The bible says that the “Exodus” consisted of  603,550 able-bodied adult males (not counting Levites), wives, non-fighting men, Levites  and children  would have brought the total to 3 million or more; equivalent to nearly half of the entire Egyptian population of around 3-6 million. After 430 years, the Jews would have been well integrated into the fabric of Egyptian culture and economy. If they were slaves, they would have been even more critical to the economy. The loss of such a huge proportion of the population would have caused havoc to the Egyptian economy, but no evidence of such effect has been found.

Please, please THINK

Think of it this way… if, in the United States, approximately 150 million workers (~50% of our population) of the lowest job skills suddenly disappeared tomorrow and, at the same time, roughly 20% of our population suddenly dropped dead all at the stroke of midnight (i.e. “first born), and our entire Army (what was left of it) drowned in the sea, not to mention loss of all crops and cattle,  don’t you think this would have affected our economy and reduced us to a third world country?

Wouldn’t Egypt have been affected similarly? Yet, at the time of the alleged Exodus (1447 BCE) Egypt was at the height of its powers.

No Evidence of 3,000,000 People Arriving, All at Once, at The “Promised Land”, Canaan.

The archaeology of Palestine has equally failed to substantiate the Bible’s account of the invasion of Canaan by the Israelites arriving from Egypt some forty years later – of the 31 cities supposedly conquered by Joshua, only one (Bethel) shows a destruction level that equates to the Biblical narrative, and there is general agreement that the origins of Israel lie within Canaan itself.[3] Even those scholars who hold the Exodus to represent historical truth concede that the most the evidence can suggest is plausibility.[4]

Even with God’s Help, Logistics Make Exodus an Impossible Event.


The map  and it’s points of destination below is copied from the a  website without permission but surely they would want their concept of the Exodus spread throughout the land and God hasn’t said I shouldn’t do this so here it is.

Israel’s Exodus from Egypt and Entry into Canaan
1. Rameses Israel was thrust out of Egypt (Ex. 12Num. 33:5).
2. Succoth After the Hebrews left this first campsite, the Lord attended them in a cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night (Ex. 13:20-22).
3. Pi-hahiroth Israel passed through the Red Sea (Ex. 14Num. 33:8).
4. Marah The Lord healed the waters of Marah (Ex. 15:23-26).
5. Elim Israel camped by 12 springs (Ex. 15:27).
6. Wilderness of Sin The Lord sent manna and quail to feed Israel (Ex. 16).
7. Rephidim Israel fought with Amalek (Ex. 17:8-16).
8. Mount Sinai (Mount Horeb or Jebel Musa) The Lord revealed the Ten Commandments (Ex. 1920).
9. Sinai Wilderness Israel constructed the tabernacle (Ex. 2530).
10. Wilderness Camps Seventy elders were called to help Moses govern the people (Num. 11:16-17).
11. Ezion-geber Israel passed through the lands of Esau and Ammon in peace (Deut. 2).
12. Kadesh-barnea Moses sent spies into the promised land; Israel rebelled and failed to enter the land; Kadesh served as the main camp of Israel for many years (Num. 13:1-3, 17-331432:8Deut. 2:14).
13. Eastern Wilderness Israel avoided conflict with Edom and Moab (Num. 20:14-212224).
14. Arnon River Israel destroyed the Canaanites who fought against them (Deut. 2:24-37).
15. Mount Nebo Moses viewed the promised land (Deut. 34:1-4). Moses delivered his last three sermons (Deut. 132).
16. Plains of Moab The Lord told Israel to divide the land and dispossess the inhabitants (Num. 33:50-56).
17. Jordan River Israel crossed the Jordan River on dry ground. Near Gilgal, stones from the bottom of the Jordan River were placed as a monument of Jordan’s waters being divided (Josh. 35).
18. Jericho The children of Israel possessed and destroyed the city (Josh. 6).


Somehow, Moses gets word to the 3 million COI scattered throughout Egypt that they are to slaughter, roast with fire and, with bitter herbs, they shall slaughter before midnight, a first year male lamb which is without blemish, then put the blood of the lamb on both doorposts. Then, starting after midnight, the 3.0 million COI had to bake their unleavened bread, steal all they could from the Egyptians, gather their flocks and herds and very much cattle and…

  • make their way from all over Egypt to Rameses and
  • once gathered there, go to Succoth,
  • depart from Egypt (go over the border which is over 60 miles away)
  • all on that selfsame day!
    Exodus 12:51 And it came to pass the selfsame day, that the LORD did bring the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt by their armies.

I thank God that the map includes a legend/scale. From looking at the scale, we can get an approximate sense of the miles covered on that selfsame day.

?? Miles to Ramesses
37 Miles, Ramesses to Succoth
20 miles, Succoth to Pi-Hahiroth (assuming Pi-Hahiroth is even out of Egypt)

So, on that selfsame day, 3,000,000 million people traveled unknown  distances to Ramesses, 37 miles to Succoth and an additional 20 miles to Pi-Hahiroth.

Assume family groupings of 10 people. Then there would be 300,000 family groupings if the total of the Children of Israel is 3 million. A family grouping of 10 people and their flocks, herds and many cattle would easily occupy a circle of 55 feet in diameter.

Length of line: 300,000 groups  * 55 feet = 16,500,000 feet =  3125 miles. Think of that… A column of Israelite families and their flocks and herds and many cattle stretching 3125 miles (that’s three thousand, one hundred and twenty five miles – do the math – I did).

Imagine a line of traffic stretching from Seattle Wa. to Tampa, Fl (3015 miles). They all want to get to Disneyland in Orlando Fl (~60 miles) Driving at 3 miles per hour, how long would it be after the first car, starting in Tampa, reached Disneyland before the last car in Seattle Wa. was even able to start driving?

Think about how you have to sit and wait in a line of traffic, even though the first car has moved. Now change this analogy from cars to COI family groupings. Walking at 3 miles per hour, it would take at least  20 hours before the first grouping reached Disneyland and that’s assuming the line moved 24 hours a day. No stopping for rest or food. There’s no telling how much longer it would take that last group to in Seattle to reach Disneyland. Remember, they have to travel the entire 3075 mile route walking 3 miles/hour. They WILL need to stop for food and water.


NOTE: Nothing changes significantly regardless of how many family groupings you have abreast. Even at 10 families abreast, the line is still 312 miles long and it’s 1/10th of a mile wide. Still impossible.


The bible says The COI left Egypt with their  “borrowed” Egyptian jewels of silver and jewels of gold and raiment along with all their flocks and herds,and much cattle, and their unleavened dough. In addition, they had those things “such that they required”  that the Egyptians “lent” them.

However, here is what they did NOT have with them because they were thrust out of Egypt, and could not tarry, neither had they prepared for themselves any victual. Exodus 12:39

  • any victual for themselves other than the unleavened bread.
  • food for the flocks, herds and even very much cattle.
  • water for themselves and the flocks, herds and even very much cattle.
  • tents large enough for a family of at least 10 and sturdy enough to withstand 40 years of desert blowing sand around like sandpaper.
  • arms, shields, swords, spears,
  • knowledge of how to fight – they were slaves, not taught the art of war
  • components for the Ark that God would make them construct
  • beasts of burden; oxen and carts to haul all of the above which they did not have but which magically appear later on in the story.


Imagine the chaos of 3,000,000 people arriving at each of the 18 locations identified above with all their herds etc and no organization to tell them where to go, what to eat, where to take care of hygiene. This is all so ridiculous it doesn’t merit any more attention.


The “Children of Israel”  were the same in number as the American city of Chicago. Chicago is spread over 130 square miles.
Seriously… How did  Moses communicate with all “the children of Israel”?  Remember, all this communication transpired in less that 24 hours.


What about clothing?

Now, on the very same night that marked the anniversary of their four hundred and thirtieth year (earlier we read 400 years), they all left Egypt. All 3 million of them with their flocks, herds, cattle, bread and stolen booty.

But what about clothing? They did not have much time to pack. They left in one night. All 3 million of them.  For forty years then, these people go through the desert with only the clothes they brought with them on that departure eve. Really?!

I suspect those clothes got pretty ragged and torn and rank after about the 10th year. And, no relief from the unabated  sun of the desert. I’ll bet they needed a lot of water and sun tan lotion.


Although God presumably provided food in the form of “Manna” and quail, there is no mention of Him providing water other than from a single rock and the 12 springs at Elim.  Huge quantities of water would have been necessary to support 3,000,000 people and all the livestock they stole from the Egyptians.   The city of Philadelphia requires 250 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER A DAY distributed via 3,300 miles of underground pipes. But the “Children of Israel” were moving around – hence the water supply would have to move with them. Remember they were in a desert! One rock spouting water did not supply 3 million people. Even if it did, it would have gushed at a rate of 175,000 gallons a minute onto the desert floor. Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park “gushes” a maximum of only 8400 gallons a minute. Wanna take a sip?

Seriouslywhat was the source of the water that maintained a city the size of Philadelphia and their livestock for a period of 40 years? How was it distributed?

THIS JUST IN: (8/11/2015)
Couple dies due to heat stroke in New Mexico desert within hours, even with 40 oz of water they carried with them.
Read the article here.

In case the original article is gone, you can read the story on this website. I copied it to make sure it would always be available.

The point of this “extra” is to show that it would have been impossible for 3,000,000 people to survive desert conditions without water. Water oozing from a rock could not support 3,000,000 people plus their livestock, regardless of whether or not they were in a desert. The fact that they were in a desert makes the story all the more impossible.


Recall that the COI cried out about having to eat nothing but manna. Then God stuffed quail down their throats until it came out their nostrils.
Why didn’t they eat all their flocks and herds,and much cattle? All  their flocks and herds,and much cattle would have been reproducing at a rate that would have sustained the COI for the duration of the 40 year journey.

Because it makes a better story to have God provide for their needs by dropping manna from heaven.


The excrement from 3,000,000  humans and their livestock and herds would have produced a monumental volume of excrement EVERY DAY and its associated health problems. And this continued for over forty years! And yet there was no dysentery,  diarrhea, cholera?  Even today, around four million people a year die due to  disease linked to a lack of safe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.

Here is an excerpt from an article that appeared in the New York Times entitled “In India, latrines Are Lifesavers“. It completely supports the argument made above – that sanitation would have been a BIG problem for the Children Of Israel”.

“Jani’s pride is not unfounded. The success in her village is rare despite India’s repeated attempts to stop open defecation, a serious risk to health and safety that is on newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda. More than 620 million people in India defecate outdoors — a much higher rate than in poorer countries like Bangladesh or those in sub-Saharan Africa. Exposure to fecal matter is a leading cause of diarrhea, which kills 600,000 people in the country each year, a third of them children. Andas Gardiner Harris reported in July, open defecation and rapid population growth fuel bacterial growth that contributes to malnutrition and stunted growth in 65 million Indian children under the age of five.”

Seriously, how did the “Children of Israel” deal with the huge sanitation problem that naturally occurs whenever large groups of people and their ” flocks and herds, and much cattle” live close together?


According to the Bible, the 430 year stay in Egypt started with only 70 people. After only 430 years, the population had grown to 3,000,000. This is an outrageous rate of growth. Apparently, it stopped immediately after the Exodus. More nonsense.


The COI took many spoils from their Egyptian captors including cattle (which, btw, were killed thrice over by the plagues).  Using the statistics presented in the New International Version  we find that the quantities of materials required for construction of:

The Tabernacle
The Ark
The Table
The Lampstand
The Altar of Incense
The Altar of Burnt Offering
The Basin for Washing
The Courtyard

required, at least…

  • 1 ton of gold
  • 3.75 tons of silver;
  • 2.50 tons of bronze; and
  • over a mile of linen
  • over a mile of yarn

The requirements for the Ark of the Covenant were not given until the Children  were already in the desert!

How did they know to bring all this stuff along with them? They were given one day to pack up and leave Egypt.
Seriously where did all these raw materials come from? How were they transported? There is no mention of beasts of burden.

The Golden Calf

Where did the gold come from to make a golden calf? (We know… borrowed/lent/stolen). Where did the mold come from to form the gold into a golden calf? Gold melts at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit; where did the Children get fuel to heat the gold over to 2000 degrees? Don’t say “trees”; the COI were in the desert and had been there for a while. Any trees that may have existed initially were long used up by the time the calf was made. Where did they get a container that would not melt at temperatures over 2000 degrees and was able to hold the molten gold?

The Live Stock

What did the  livestock eat? The Children got Manna for breakfast from heaven and quail for dinner from heaven  (once) but what did the livestock eat for forty years?

Internal Contradictions

The Lord Speaks Out of Both Sides Of His Mouth

We can’t let this one go. Read this:

Exodus 34:6-7

34:6 And the LORD passed by before him, and proclaimed, The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth,
34:7 Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

Is that not a total contradiction? On the one hand the lord is merciful, gracious, longsuffering and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands (the fact that the world had a population of millions was way beyond the author’s comprehension), forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin! Then IN THE SAME SENTENCE, the Lord says he will punish the children and the great, great grandchildren of anyone who sins. WTF?

Discontinuities of the Torah

Age of Moses
The Age and genealogy of Moses indicates that Moses was in Egypt for 359 years but the Bible states he was 80 when he leaves.

Reproduction Rates
Jacob enters Egypt with “All those who were descendants of Jacob were seventy persons” Four hundred and thirty years later, approximately 3,000,000  “Children of Israel” leave Egypt. Using basic population statistics, each womanhad 9-10 children. However, this prodigious production of children apparently ended the moment they left Egypt.

The same would be true of their livestock. In order to have sufficient numbers of livestock to support the growing numbers which were increasing at an exponential rate, the livestock would have had to also increase at an exponential rate. Apparently this exponential rate of reproduction also stopped the moment they left Egypt.

Nowhere To Go
Children of Israel “escaped” to Canaan, yet Canaan was a province of Egypt so they were still under the rule of the Egyptians, even though they were in the “promised land”.

God’s Broken Promise
God promised that he would return His people … well, you read it:

And I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey; unto the place of the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites. Exodous 3:8

BUT… only two of those to whom God made the promise actually made it to the land flowing with milk and honey. God compelled them to roam the deserts instead for forty years, until all of them except two had perished. Of all the multitude who escaped from Egypt, only Joshua and Caleb entered the promised land. Even Moses had to die in sight of it.

Their God was worse than the Egyptians ever were. He was quick-tempered, unreasonable, cruel, revengeful, and dishonest. Few of his promises to them were performed. Their tortuous path across the wilderness was marked by a track of death and bleaching bones.

Wait… What?

No mention of the Pyramids? Either they built the Pyramids or the Pyramids were already there. How is it possible that there is no mention of the Pyramids in the entire saga?

Because the story was concocted by authors who had no idea of the nature of Egypt; had never seen Egypt.

Pharaohs’ Names?

Why doesn’t Moses mention the names of these offending Pharaohs?

First of all, the word Pharaoh does not appear in any Egyptian literature – these were Kings, not Pharaohs. Giving the name of the King that negotiated with Moses would sure help fact check this ridiculous story.

Second of all, the names of Egyptian Kings of the 1500 BC era were unknown to the authors of the book of Exodus. Modern scholarship sees the book as initially a product of the Babylonian exile (6th century BCE), with final revisions in the Persian post-exilic period (5th century BCE). The authors of Exodus had no idea who the Kings of Egypt were some 800-900 years ago. How could they possibly know?


According to religious tradition, everything  found in the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) was given by God to Moses, some at Mount Sinai and some at the Tabernacle. This dictation and  recording resulted in the Torah we have today.  No serious, unbiased religious scholar believes that the Torah was written by Moses during the period of the Exodus. Read about the Documentary Hypothesis.

Those five books contain over 100,000 English words. If Moses wrote in Cuneiform, the only form of writing known in that area in that era, it would have taken over 5,000,000 characters to represent the books of the Torah.Here is what the cuneiform symbol for “head” looks like:

The symbol represents an Old Assyrian version of the early 2nd millennium, as adopted into Hittite.  Early 2nd millennium is about the time Moses would have been transcribing God’s words.

For reinforcement of how difficult writing in cuneiform is, here is a section of the peace treaty between Hattusa and Ramses II, circa 1250 BCE.

The  photo represents the state of the art of writing in 1200 BCE. Note the thickness of the “tablet”. Very thick in order to prevent breakage as it is transported via ox cart over bumpy roads no doubt. Think how many similar tablets Moses would have had to produce. Think of the problems of transporting these back to Canaan given the massive weight and size of the thousands of “tablets”.   There can be little doubt that Moses would have had to write in some form of  Cuneiform given the state of writing at the time he recorded God’s words.

Now then, upon what did Moses record these words? Writing in wet clay with a stylus was the method of writing in that era. To make the writing permanent, the clay had to be fired. But Moses didn’t have access to clay, only sand. He didn’t have a kiln to fire the clay into solid tablets that could be transported either.

The accumulation of these tablets would have added tons to the transportation burden.

How were these writings preserved during the 40 years?

We don’t have the stones containing words written by God himself onto stone (IE, the 10 commandments), but somehow we have managed to keep intact the entire texts of the Torah?  We have apparently been able to preserve God’s word on how to make Aron’s breastplate:

“And thou shalt make the breastplate of judgment with cunning work; after the work of the ephod thou shalt make it; of gold, of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, and of fine twined linen, shalt thou make it.” Exodus 28:15

Those stones survived long enough to be translated. But where are they now? Thousands of tons of writings created by icon Moses and not a one of these holy stones, words from the mouth of God himself,  none of them survived?

The Children of Israel couldn’t even keep track of the two most  sacred stone tablets written by the finger of their God. How then, did they ever maintain, intact, thousands of stone-like tablets of Cuneiform scrawled upon by Moses?. When and by whom and where were they translated? Why don’t we have ANY of them now?

The Torah describes events that occur AFTER Moses could have written them – including his own death! (So Moses the servant of the LORD died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the LORD.  Deuteronomy 34:7)

Most of the time, the authors of the Torah use Moses’ name in third person; e.g.  “… the Lord said unto Moses …” There are a few instances where the phrase “… the Lord said unto me…” is used. So, it is obvious that it was not some kind of stylistic approach to use the third person because it is not done exclusively. This is more evidence that the Torah was not written by Moses and that Exodus cannot be true because of its’ own internal contradictions.

What Did Happen; i.e. The Truth

From the NOVA series, The Bibles Buried Secrets, read what Carol Meyers, an archeologist and professor of religion at Duke University, has to say about the significance of the Moses narrative in ancient times, the role it plays in American history, and why it continues to resonate with us today. VERY INTERESTING – CLICK HERE!

Summary, in case you don’t follow the link: Canaanites went to Egypt for a variety of reasons. They were generally assimilated—after a generation or two they became Egyptians. There is almost no evidence that those people left. But there are one or two Egyptian documents that record the flight of a handful of people who had been brought to Egypt for one reason or other and who didn’t want to stay there.

There you have it. Some Egyptians, originally from Canaan, left Egypt to return home; THAT IS YOUR EXODUS.


1 James Weinstein, “Exodus and the Archaeological Reality”, in Exodus: The Egyptian Evidence, ed. Ernest S. Frerichs and Leonard H. Lesko (Eisenbrauns, 1997), p.87

2 John Van Seters, “The Geography of the Exodus”, in The Land I Will Show You: Essays on the History and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East in Honour of J. Maxwell Miller, ed. J. Andrew Dearman and M. Patrick Graham (JSOT 343, Sheffield Academic Press, 2001), pp. 255-76

3 Lawrence E. Stager, “Forging an Identity: The Emergence of Ancient Israel”, in The Oxford History of the Biblical World, ed.

4  James K. Hoffmeier, Israel in Egypt: The Evidence for the Authenticity of the Exodus Tradition, (OUP, 1999)

There Was No “Exodus”

Acest articol a fost publicat în RELIGIE(crestinism). Pune un semn de carte cu legătura permanentă.

14 răspunsuri la Se pare ca evreii au mințit în legătură cu istoria lor în Vechiul Testament. Dovezi noi coplesitoare ale savanților de top, atat egipteni cat si israelieni , arată că evreii nu au fost niciodată sclavi în Egipt.

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    Vreau si eu un exemplu cand jidanii nu mint, ce naiba

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  2. Ion Ionescu zice:

    In Biblie nu exista nici macar un pasaj care sa se contrazica cu altele. Aceste „minciuni” se afla doar in mintea idiotilor si a celor care cu astfel de materiale de rahat incearca sa-i sminteasca pe crestini adevarati. Fara rezultat, insa.

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    • Lupul Dacic zice:

      Poate biblia ta, vezi ca sunt multe versiuni ale bibliei…asta e in limba engleza, mai e si biblia catolica, stiu ca mai sunt si altele.
      Oricum cine crede o carte de povesti…care e smintitul? :))))

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      • Citadela zice:

        Mentalitatea asta se trage de pe vremea cind preotimea nu credea ca „iobagul prost” se va gindi cu mintea lui vreodata, sau sclavul va putea sa sufle in fata stapinului, de aceea si puteau include orice fel de neconcordante si evenimente contradictorii. CINE OARE INDRAZNEA SA SUFLE IN FRONT?…asa si acum pe la biserici.


      • dan zice:

        Toate Bibliile sint la fel ,. indiferent de versiune,.,.,,catolica ortodoxa , neo protestanta etc……
        Si nu e o carte de povesti . Daca asta e opinia ta , e perfect de acord cu mine, dar te inseli amarnic.
        Iar daca tu nu crezi in Biblie, inseamna ca esti un suflet ratacitor in lumea asta fara nici un viitor prea bine deslusit. Daca nu crezi in Biblie/Dzeu , fie esti ateu , fie agnostic , desi nu cred ca esti nici una nici alta, caci si cei care se numesc atei sau agnostici tot cred in ceva anume in momente de rascruce in viata lor. O zi buna.


        Nu ti va cadea bine raspunsul meu , dar asta e viata . IAR acu ma astept la un raspuns aspru , destul de acid din partea ta……

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      • Citadela zice:

        Stai calm Dane, ca nu sare nimeni fara argumente. Problema esentiala a bibliilor asa cum a fost subliniat in nenumarate rinduri si forme este cea a AUTORILOR care apartineau cu totii acestui clan al poporului iudeu cu care noi romanii. balcanicii, si alte miliarde de oameni pe pamint pur si simplu NU AVEM NICI O TREABA CU EI. De ce ni se baga pe git aceste scrieri EXCLUSIV ALE LOR…sa si le tie tatica!…dar nuuuu, ca doar trebuie sa ne frece ridichea! De ce trebuie sa continuam sa traim in mentalitatea de SLUGI CRETINE si OLIGOFRENE care renunta la frumusete de zeii geto-dacici si adopta naiba stie ce de peste mari si tari… WTF man? Pina si Trumpete i-a facut direct si indirect FAKE NEWS de jdemii de ori in PRIME TIME!!! in direct! toata polologhia din mass media care nu-i altceva decit o alta „biblie” a lor, eterna logoree mincinoasa, pe care ei o impun ASTAZI prin TEBELIZOARE. Noi aici ne intrebam oare de ce toti din zona balcanica si nu numai( dar sa vorbim numai de ortodocsi) suntem asa de prosti si ne lasam manipulati de 2000 de ani de aceeasi oameni( sunt fix aceeasi!!!) care acum sunt demascati chiar de trumpete pe toate cnn-urile posibile si imposibile!\

        Ce dovada mai concludenta iti/va trebuie?

        Este o carte scrisa de OAMENI!!! nu de Dumnezeu! Ok, daca nu-i asa, sa-l lasam pe Dumnezeu sa o dovedeasca, nu mass media mincinoasa. De ce nu o face? Ne rugam la el sa o faca deoarece : Doamne nu sunt sigur!!! Lamureste-ma tu te rog DAR NU PRIN INTERMEDIARI. Asta nu vom accepta sub nici o forma deoarece OMUL la modul INTRINSEC este o fiinta profund mincinoasa si carnea de pe el este ticaloasa…fara exceptie!

        Ca urmare trebuie sa o faca EL….deci asteptam de 2000 de ani si nimic!

        Oare asta nu va da de gindit?

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    …scuzati scris in viteza

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    Perfect de acord cu ceea ce ai spus, Citadela! Biblia este o carte scrisa de oameni. Si am o veste proasta pentru cei care ssutin sus si tare ca exista o singura versiune a Bibliei. Biblia este cartea care a suferit cele mai multe editari de text de-a lungul timpului.
    Am vazut pana acum cel putin 3-4 versiuni diferite ale Bibliei ortodoxe. In anumite versiuni erau eliminate anumite versete, din acelea contradictorii, bineinteles… Asta spune multe…
    In variantele mai vechi, pasajele contradictorii erau acolo, in cele mai noi disparusera! Oare de ce? Pentru ca s-au prins clericii ca am inceput sa gandim, sa ne dam seama de unele lucruri! Noi suntem urmasii geto-dacilor, nu ai evreilor, ca sa continuam sa ne agatam cu inversunare de o carte scrisa de ei!
    Ar trebui sa revenim la zeii originali ai stramosilor nostri geto-daci!
    Serios, acum… Chiar atat de mult am ajuns sa ne dispretuim originile incat sa renuntam la credintele stramosilor si sa imbratisam o religie propovaduita de pribegii vechiului testament? (intentionat scriu cu litera mica!)
    Si sa nu-mi spuna nimeni ca sunt un suflet ratacit pentru ca nu rezonez cu ultra-ortodocsii fanatici! Eu deja am inteles care e scopul existentei mele actuale pe acest Pamant.

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  5. vse zice:

    este mai importanţ ceea ce crede poporul evreu şi rabinii lui, decât ceea ce crede goimea, prostimea mulţimea. Vechiul testament nu a fost scris de un neevreu, ci de un evreu. Că acum s-au trezit unii oameni de ştiinţă să manipuleze istoria şi credinţa goimii prin tehnologia lor inventată şi programată tot de ei, e cu totul altceva.

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  6. vse zice:

    citiţi din protocoale despre pregresul tehnologic prin care oamenii de ştiinţă au făcut noile descoperiri:

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  7. Catalin Didica zice:

    Evreii mint de peste 2000 de ani


  8. zice:

    Savanții (dacă sunt savanți) spun lucruri transmite (ca să spun elegant altfel as fi spus prostii)
    Istoria sacră a VT nu prezintă toate informațiile despre evrei ci doar pe cele
    cu semnificație spirituală, aceste evenimente au fost alese de Dumnezeu
    care a inspirat întreaga Scriptură. Ce îl interesa pe Dumnezeu niște
    monumente păgână.

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  9. PARE SERIOS… DUALITATEA POSIBIL > PROBABIL este greu de gestionat în Istoria factuala.


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